Thursday, March 13, 2014

Air Supply

For the first half of Wednesday TLE and I helped Tom and Darlene map out all the underground irrigation pipes in their back yard.  The reason for this exercise is that no pipes can run under the concrete floor of the new barn they are building, so any that do must be capped off and rerouted before the foundation is laid.  Tom had rented a cool electronic device that helped to locate the pipes.  This worked out well because I really didn't want to work on the air valve replacement while the sun was still on the driver side of the coach.

By 2 pm the sun had moved to the passenger side, and, therefore, time to tackle the air valve replacement project.  Tuesday I related the beginning of the replacement of the front air manifold and its six air valves.  Wednesday (3rd Saturday) I printed off an 8.5" by 11" picture of the manifold and went to work labeling every wire, valve and air hose on the printout so when we take apart the old manifold we can put everything back together the same way.

The picture with all my notations

Next it was time to detach the air hoses, and cut the wires so we could remove the old delaminated plywood board and the old air valves.  Once they were out Tom went to work transferring the brass fittings from the old valves to the new valves.  While he was busy at that I scrapped off a layer of rust, and then wire brushed the floor of the compartment to get it ready for the application of the rust inhibitor.  It didn't take long to apply the I will have to wait 24 hours for it to dry before I can apply the gray Rustoleum paint so the floor matches the rest of the compartment, which is all gray.

 The empty air valve compartment freshly painted with the rust inhibitor

The new manifold assembled and ready for installation Thursday

The new mounting platform cut and ready to have holes drilled

Tom and I finished the assembly of the new air manifold just about 5:30.  While we cleaned up TLE began dinner preparation.....oh, I forgot to add earlier that around 2 pm Darlene left to drive back to the Mesa house for a couple days to take care of some family business, so it was just three of us for dinner.

A  little after 6 TLE, Tom and I convened to the backyard ramada to eat Buffalo Burgers, baked potatoes and salad.  The three of us talked, laughed and ate as the sun set on another great day in Wittmann, AZ.

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