Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Heelllllooooo Mr. Jello........

Every time I speak of Mr. Jello in a humorous context "he" reminds me that sometimes "he" has an underdeveloped sense of humor......

We spent most of the day preparing for our departure Wednesday morning for Sedona.  I started out cleaning off bug debri from the front cap of our Newell.  I should have done this 3 weeks ago, because the longer that residue remains the harder it is to remove.  All that being said I have a new supply of "Firecoat" (waterless car wash product) so I got to work while it was still cool cleaning the front, then moved to the back, which was mostly dusty, then taking advantage of the shade on the passenger side cleaned it, and later in the day when the shade had ensconced the drivers side finished the job.

Later in the afternoon I performed the last dump of the black tank wanting to have empty tanks, or nearly so, when we arrive at our boondocking site south of Sedona.  Just as I was finishing that task both TLE and I got "Weather Alert" warnings on our cell phones.....the sound put out by our phones made it sound like a four alarm fire was in progress.   What was the weather alert (I see a small smile on Mr. Jello's face about now) you ask?  HIGH WINDS from the Phoenix area north past Flagstaff.....exactly the area we would be traveling in Wednesday.  Driving a high profile rig in high winds can be problematic when they are coming from the side.  That is certainly no fun, but even more "un"fun is boondocking in a desert area when there are high winds.

Within an hour TLE and I had made the decision to delay our departure by 24 hours giving the winds time to abate, and recede.  Originally we had planned to leave Tuesday.....wouldn't that have been fun to be in the desert boondocking site when the winds came?  So, while we are disappointed we won't be rolling our wheels toward new adventures Wednesday, we are grateful our decision to leave Wednesday instead of Tuesday spared us the discomfort of being buffeted about in our coach for 24 hours, and the resultant cleanup after the wind had gone.

Before the weather alerts came flooding in I spent time preparing the trailer for departure, and then TLE and I stowed all the awnings in preparation for the wind that should arrive mid morning Wednesday from the I write I can hear the wind beginning to pick up.

The temperatures reached into the low 90's Tuesday, and we ran our air conditioning for the first time since we arrived.......yup, once again I say it is time to begin moving northward to cooler climes.  

Darlene decided to make "breakfast for dinner" in the form of waffles, scrambled eggs and maple sausage (provided by us)........and it was a great dinner indeed!  We spent the evening watching "NCIS", and "Person of Interest" with Tom and Darlene, and then retired to our coach to watch recorded episodes of "Justified" and "NCIS L.A.".

So Wednesday we shall see how bad the winds get.....I hope not too bad.  At least we had the choice to stay an extra day......there are no appointments looming out there for us, and no place we have to be, so here in Wittmann we shall abide one more day.

Here comes the wind.......

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