Sunday, March 9, 2014

How Pleasant....

Saturday, the actual Saturday, I felt much better.....still clearing my head of snot from the cold, but definitely on the mend.   Tom and Darlene were friends over, who also happen to be in the carpet business, to measure their home for new carpeting.  The plan was to drive over to Wells Country Store to buy lunch, then TLE and I would part ways and drive over to Lake Pleasant for the afternoon to do a little site seeing, while the rest of the gang took care of business at the house.

The 3 new plates: Arizona (top left), New Mexico (lower left) and Kansas (3rd plate going from left to right on bottom row)

Not far from Wells Country Store there was a small flea market in progress so we stopped off to see if there were any treasures we couldn't do without.  TLE didn't find anything, but I scored 3 state license plates to add to my license plate wall in the trailer.....Arizona, New Mexico and Kansas.....I paid about $6.50 each......not too bad.  I still have a long long way to go to bring the wall up to date with every state we have visited.....I think I need 13 more plates (Wyoming, Nebraska, Arkansas, West Virginia, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, Idaho, Washington D.C.).

From there we headed southeast towards Lake Pleasant arriving around 2 pm.  There is a $6.00 per car entrance fee.  The lake itself is about 10,000 acres, and is an important part of the Arizona water project.  It was completed in 1927, but did not reach it's maximum height until 2005.  It is fed by the Agua Fria River, and also via canal by the Colorado River.  Saturday it was particularly windy, and there were a lot of sailboats out on the lake taking advantage of the wind.

 A great day for sailing

TLE in front of some quite tall Saguaro cacti at the visitor's center

Some nice examples of Barrel Cacti

We drove to several vista points, and then through a couple of the campgrounds, which provided great views of the lake, but were a little tight for our rig, however, there is what they call a "primitive" campground right next to the lake where I could see us spending a few days.  There are no hookups, but that is fine with us....much more open and fewer RV's to clutter the view.

Part of our reason for taking the drive was to see if the route over to Lake Pleasant was compatible with riding our bikes, and as it turned out it is not.....the shoulder, where we would be riding, is not in good condition, and there is a little too much traffic for our likes.

We arrived back home around 4 pm just about the time Tom and Darlene's friends/carpet people, Gary and Sandy, where getting ready to leave.  We gave them a brief tour of our Newell....they are going to be retiring soon, and are thinking about buying a motorhome.

Later, around 6, we adjourned to Tom and Darlene's home to have dinner together.....there were still some taco makings left from a couple of nights ago...the meal I missed as I wasn't feeling well.  After dinner TLE and Darlene played a card game (Phase 10 I believe) while Tom and I talked.  It was a nice day, and nice evening.

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