Monday, January 18, 2010

Another ride.....

The girls......

Elaine and I have been making more of an effort to take bike rides on the weekends. This past weekend we decided to take the Cannondale tandem out again (that's twice this year so far) on the SART (Santa Ana River Trail). We were joined by good friend, Brenda Wendt, for a ride from Anaheim down to Newport Beach. The weather was perfect at 68 degrees and partly cloudy. We had a slight headwind as we pedaled westward toward Newport Beach, which slowed our average speed, but I think we still averaged around 12mph.

At Huntington Beach...

We stopped at Newport Burger for lunch....Elaine and I had BLT's, and Brenda had a Cheese Melt. Newport Burger is a Newport Beach institution. They serve breakfast and lunch. Their burgers are amazing, and they cook a mean omlette!

Newport Burger

After taking a couple of pictures at Huntington Beach (the Santa Ana River is the dividing line between Newport Beach and Huntington Beach) we merged on to the SART northbound trail. Much to our delight we now had a tailwind pushing us home. Our average mph bumped up to 15 on the way back. We arrived back in Anaheim around 3:30pm....what a pleasant day!

Staying fit while fulltiming is a major concern of ours. Outdoor activities have been a big part of our lives the past couple of decades, and cycling has been the major contributor to our fitness. In addition to cycling we also have a home gym consisting of a Stairmaster 4000pt, an Ablounge, Roman Chair back machine, and a Bowflex. How to convert the gym to the road can be done. We have found there are manufacturers of portable exercise equipment. We're looking at the Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper and the INstride electronic stepper (see pictures below) as portable alternatives to the Stairmaster, which is way to large to take with us.

Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper

INstride Electronic Stepper

At anyrate, this is an ongoing research project, but we are making progress and feeling more comfortable with being able to acquire portable equipment to continue our exercise program!

Looking to get out this weekend in the Newell. Can't believe it has been 5 weeks since we arrived home from our last trip. I'll be officiating some soccer matches down in the Temecula area each morning, so we'll head out for some wine tasting in the afternoons. We'll have rain for 5 straight days this week, but it is supposed to clear by Friday evening and be partly cloudy over the weekend with no rain forecast.


  1. Hopefully that research project wraps up prior to May 1st as I am anxiously looking forward to the report!

    Hadn't seen that folding stepper.

    There are some well reviewed portable rowers....

    Good luck,


  2. I will definitely be wrapped up by May 1st. Send me the links on the portable rower...I am interested in that option, too.


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