Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Was at the San Bernardino Soccer Complex in Highland, CA this past Sunday getting ready to officiate my first soccer match. I looked up about 7:30am and saw this "Happy Face" in the clouds. Lasted about 30 seconds.....just enough time to get my phone out and take this picture.
Pretty cool, huh? Put a smile on my face the rest of the day.....


  1. Nifty! Fun what you can see in the clouds. I love playing that game.

    I read your whole blog last night [honest] and it was/is wonderful - I can tell what great fans you are of your Newell and I love the jaunts you all take.

    After I was finished :( [I could've read and read and read] I went and researched Newells - they are so neat. I can't wait to show my husband as we have the same dream as you all - but still are a few years from his retirement.

    Happy and safe travels. Thanks for the great blog. I will be back. :)

  2. When you get closer to buying your motor coach, let me know. There is a great Newell community made up mostly of those who have bought pre-owned Newells, as you probably gathered from reading my blog. If you want a used Newell we can find it for you! Thank you for your kind comments, and safe travels to you and your husband!