Friday, October 15, 2010

Santa Fe Skies

Santa Fe Skies RV Park

It won't be hard for anyone reading this blog to understand that we were dead tired Saturday night when we arrived in Gallup, NM. Elaine whipped up a quick dinner consisting of Pea Soup and some buttered bread. That was chased with a Rogue Brewery Moca Chocolate beer......mmmmmm!

We went to bed around 9pm, and did not wake up until 8am the next morning....I don't remember the last time I slept 11 hours straight. We didn't leave USA RV Park until around 10am, but we only had 190 miles to go to Santa Fe, so we took our time driving stopping several times for 30 minute breaks along the way finally arriving at our home for the next 6 days......Santa Fe Skies RV Park located at 14 Browncastle Ranch Rd. just south of Santa Fe. Following are pictures of our view.

Sunset the first night

Forest and Cindy, whom we met in Creede, CO last summer, arrived in their Newell about 30 minutes before we did. Once we were settled in and unloaded the T-Bird we decided to head into Santa Fe for a late lunch, as well as do some food shopping. We located a little Mexican restaurant called Posas located next door to the local Albertson's supermarket. This was/is real Mexican cuisine......Forest ordered a green sauce enchilada that he says was the hotest thing he had ever eaten, and he is Cajun!

Palace of the Governors

Forest, Elaine and Cindy

The next morning, Monday, we headed again into Santa Fe for a day of site seeing. We were able to find a public parking lot rather easily. We started our walking tour of Old Town Santa Fe by walking directly to the Plaza where we came upon many vendors, mostly Native American, selling their wares. Elaine bought a copper guitar pic for our son, Tim, a Santa Fe chili pepper refrigerator magnet for home, and a really cool necklace for Elaine. After that we headed down Palace toward the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. What a beautiful cathedral! From there we walked over to the Loretto Chapel, and then to lunch at the Iluminaria Restaurant. The Old Town area is very charming and easy to walk from one end to another. I would love to spend a few days exploring all the shops and restaurants, but that will be for another day!

The famous spiral staircase

Later that evening another couple we go to know better at the Creede rally drove down from Denver to spend a little time with us.....David and Denise. They came over around 8pm for some snacks, drinks and a great fire. We sat around laughing until after 10pm....I hope we didn't disturb anyone with our laughter....haha!

Tuesday morning we decided we would drive down to Madrid, NM located on NM 14, otherwise know at the Turquoise Highway. Madrid is a quaint little art community. The local artists display their art in every conceivable medium. I was very impressed with a lot of the art. From there we headed further south to drive up to Sandia Crest located at about 10,400' elevation where we got an amazing view of Albuquerque. We got back to camp around 4pm and made plans to join David and Denise in Santa Fe at "The Shed", an amazing Mexican restaurant located on Palace just a half block from the Plaza, and the Palace of Governors.

Madrid, NM

Sandia Crest, NM


We said our goodbyes after dinner to David and Denise who had to return to Denver the very next morning for pressing business.

Wednesday morning we decided we were not going to do anything except putter around camp, and then, maybe, take a bike ride that afternoon. Forest and Cindy took off to see a historical point of interest north of Santa Fe. Ultimately we took a bike ride on the tandem for about 20 miles. The weather on Wednesday, like every single other day was marvelous.....high 60's, low 70's. Forest and Cindy got home around 6pm, and invited us over to their coach for some Gumbo....some of the best I have ever had!

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