Sunday, March 16, 2014

Upsy Daisy Twistzy Wistzy

Saturday was a blurrrr of NCAA conference championship basketball games, pure and simple.  There were a couple of upsets along the way, and that is the reason I love NCAA basketball.  Many of these games determine whether some teams make the post season tournament, and the final teams to make it will be determined on Sunday, then March Madness begins!

It was just as well I stayed in most of the day as the wind was blowing at a pretty stiff clip, which has been unusual for our stay here in Wittmann. The wind continued late into the evening.

We had a date to have dinner at my niece's (Heather) home at 6 so we could see some more of our extended family that we hadn't seen in some cases for a few years, and in others for a decade or more.  We invited Tom and Darlene along for the ride and they gladly accepted.  We made the 45+ minute drive over to Peoria in the VW......we love being able to take people with us in the VW, and each time we do it reconfirms our decision to sell the T-Bird and buy a 4 passenger is so nice not being dependent on others all the time for group transportation!

We arrived at Heather's home a little after 6 and were happy to see Richard (Heather's brother), his wife Patricia, Georgia and Becky (Heather and Richard's aunts on their father's side).  We hadn't seen Richard and Patrica for two years, and had not seen Georgia and Becky since Richard's wedding 10-12 years ago.  We had a lovely family time talking, catching up, and laughing a lot......Tom and Darlene fit right in......Tom got a kick out of the fact that Georgia and Becky still use flip phones, and do not text, or download anything.

Near the end of dinner Heather began making me one of those rubber band bracelets you see other people wearing all the took her about 10 minutes.....and here (below) is the finished product.  My niece, Heather, says I am now "hip".

My niece made me a rubber band bracelet last night.....this particular one is called an "Upsy Daisy Twistzy Wistzy"....try saying that fast 5 times.

We began our long drive home about 8:15 stopping off at the Walmart on Grand.....I told Tom it seems like every time we are out at night with them we stop at Walmart going, or coming to buy some kind of food item......the guys stayed out in the parking lot talking in the balmy night air while the girl's went inside to pick up a few items forgotten on an earlier shopping foray.

There were no "off road" adventures this night (another good reason to be driving), and we arrived back home a little after 9.  After some reflection on our offroad adventure the other night, and being kidded about resisting Mr. Jello, I have concluded that I do much better dealing with my own's other people's Jello I have a difficult time eating.

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  1. What's so funny about flip phones?! ;)