Friday, March 5, 2010

Almost well.....

Since my past blog post I've been fighting a bad chest cold, which morphed over last weekend into tonsilitis. After a quick trip last Sunday to Urgent Care, and a prescription for antibiotics I am finally on the mend. I spent most of last weekend in bed. Usually I can "work" my way through a cold, but this time it flat knocked me on my back.

So, as a result of being mostly sick the past 2 weeks I have not had much to write about. This weekend's weather forecast shows rain both Saturday and Sunday, so I won't be doing much to finish diagnosing the issue with my generator, which won't start. The issue started shortly before the problem I wrote about last time with the bad ground that was depriving the coach of 12 volt power. I think on my last trip down to Temecula that water go into the switch module on the genset and shorted something out. After I fixed the ground issue I started to work on the generator issue thinking at first that the starter solenoid had gone bad. I was able to jump the two poles on the solenoid and start the generator, but, as it turns out it was not the solenoid. When I installed the new solenoid and turned back on the house batteries the starter started turning over motor without me pushing the button. I disconnected the starter, then turned on the house batteries and then went inside and toggled the starter switch back and forth. When I reconnected the starter the spontaneous starting ceased, but then it wouldn't turn over when I pushed either the toggle switch on the dashboard, or the remote start on the generator. The trigger wire is not getting any power now, so my suspicion is that a fuse has blown inside the switch box.......that's the next step, but I can't work on that until it stops raining.

So, that's where I'm at. I will update in a few days when I can open things back up again and do some more troubleshooting.

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