Sunday, March 14, 2010

A lovely, clear weekend in Temecula, CA!!

Parked in the northeast corner of the complex looking east toward the San Jacinto Moutains, which are still sporting snow on their highest peaks.

On three separate occasions in the last 6 weeks we were headed to John Blanche Memorial Soccer Complex in Temecula, CA to spend the weekend dry camping whilst I served in my capacity as a soccer referee. Each of those times we were rained out. For those of you who are familiar with Southern California, we don't get much rain each year, and it rarely ever rains on the weekends, but this year we have been "blessed" with an El Nino condition in the South Pacific which sends many more storms to Southern California than in a normal year, and this year it has rained most often on the weekends.

Looking southeast

This weekend I signed up again for a two day shift at the soccer complex in Temecula, and this time it did not rain. Had two days of scattered clouds, light winds and mostly sunny weather.

RV Row...there were about 6 of us spending the night

Looking northwest....the soccer complex is nestled against the foothills of the Cleveland National Forest

My soccer matches were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, but I had some indoor matches Friday night in Chino Hills, so we left our home around 5:30pm on Friday heading over to Chino Hills for my Friday night matches. I finished around 11pm, and then we headed down to Temecula arriving at the soccer complex around 12:10am....we were in bed in less than 20 minutes. Since we arrived so late we had to park outside the complex (the gates were locked) in the quiet industrial area. I've stayed on the street before, and it is quite quiet, and have never been bothered by anyone, including the local police.

Saturday morning we were up at 6am when the gates opened, and drove in and snagged a nice spot in the northeast corner of the complex where motorhomes are allowed to park over night. While I walked over to the referee checkin area, Elaine whipped up some scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. I was back at the coach a little after 7am, ate my breakfast, and then headed out to do my first match.

The tournament we were at was the Arsenal Football Club tournament that had been cancelled due to the rain about a month ago. I was assigned 4 matches about 2 hours apart, finishing my last match around 2:20pm. In between matches I would walk back to the coach for a snack, and at one time a short nap as I had a 2 hour gap before my last game.

This morning I was originally assigned 3 matches, with my last match scheduled for 2pm. I ended up picking up 2 additional matches and did 5 in all finishing around 4pm. It was nice being able to take a quick shower before turning over the 6V92 diesel and heading back north on Interstate 15.

All in all it was a very pleasant weekend. I enjoyed not having to drive all the way back to Ontario each day and then repeating the same drive the next morning. I got an extra hour of sleep last night, and got to see my lovely wife, Elaine, several times during the day each day. Elaine read 3 books this weekend, and really enjoyed being "unplugged" this business e-mail, no phone calls, and no text messages from any of our children.

Thanks for following our continued Newell adventures!

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