Monday, January 31, 2011

Gravitational pull.....

Today at 3pm we slipped the gravitational pull of our Ontario home and "rocketed" 13 miles east at 60mph to Rancho Jurupa Regional at last, thank God, free at last.........we are now fulltimers! This Newell is our home.....what a marvelous feeling!

We are still awaiting our start date as camp hosts, so we are staying here thru Thursday on our Passport America discount, and then heading up to Ventura to sit on the beach staring at the Pacific Ocean for 4 days, and then back here on Monday. I'm hoping by then we will have our start date. So we are in a wonderful park with 50amp service and full hookups for $17.50 per day....1/2 price Monday thru Thursday. If you don't belong to Passport America seriously think about joining. We'll save enough money this week to pay our annual membership fee. It is a great deal and pays for itself quickly.


  1. Nice savings. I don't know what the weather is like out there, but considering the other 90 percent of the US - I am hoping you have a warm day to look over at the Pacific! Sounds lovely.

    Congrats again.

  2. Forecast for this Thursday is high 60's and clear.....

  3. Congratulations on getting out and making it fulltime. Have fun in your travels. Don't come to WA State right now. We are in the teens again for a couple of days on the east side of the state. I would love to see the ocean and just stare out in forever.

  4. That Newell is top of the line, I would love to see it. After 15 years of full timing in a BIG Teton 5TH wheel, pulled by a Volvo Semi Truck, we just purchased a 03 Foretravel....Out FIRST Motorhome......Enjoy!


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