Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Received a call from Ranger Dana at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park last Friday. We had submitted an application a few weeks ago to become camp hosts at the park starting in February, when we move into our Newell fulltime. We were invited for an interview on Monday, January 10th.

When we arrived for our 8:30am appointment Ranger Dana walked us over to the new cabins for a tour. On our last trip there we had spent a few minutes looking through the windows of the new cabins and were impressed with the amenities. We are tentatively going to be responsible for the 6 cabins recently added to the park, helping people check in and out, being sure the units are left in good condition, and cleaned. We are awaiting approval, and the completion of our back ground check.

Essentially, in exchange for the use of a site (including utilities, and rent) we will each donate 10 hours per week. We are very excited about this development as it will further reduce our overhead, and allow us to remain in one place for the next 8 months until retirement! We should get final confirmation within the next 2 weeks!

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