Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Settling in.......

Pull out tool drawer

The biggest challenge for me, individually, is to develop new routines, and new organization....that is my nature, and having set routines and things organized creates a sense of peace and calm. I am getting there, and am enjoying the process. I've already had time to complete some minor repairs that have come up over the past few months, but since I didn't have daily access to the coach, were hard to complete. NOW I have daily access and things are getting done!

Three examples: 1) My coach has two slide out drawers in the storage just to the right of my mid entry door. The top drawer had a lot of odds and ends in it (automotive bulbs of all sizes and applications, extra windshield wipers, marker lights, headlights, misc. screws, bolts, fuses, etc.) The bottom drawer, the bigger one, had/has most of my tools, plus a spare house water pump. I went through all the bulbs, etc. in the top drawer and disposed of the uneeded and/or duplicate items. NOW I can find things! 2) Door latch - the original door latch (for the entry door) just wouldn't hold the door open anymore, even with me continually replacing the rubber gasket, so I bought a new latching type one 2 years ago, but had never installed it. We were holding the door open with a bungy cord. Now it is installed. 3) The lid that covers the stove top has stainless steel glued to the bottom side so when open it provides an attractive, cleanable surface. It had begun to come doubt the 29 year old glue was giving out. That got fixed yesterday!

As I move through these projects my sense of well being increases. Like a fewllow Newell owner says, often, "I like things to work" and look good on my coach. Soon, God willing, another Newell friend and I will get together and tackle the 3, or 4 electrical issues I have been stalled on.

Elaine has been going through all the interior storage areas sifting and winnowing, and has created a significant amount of extra space. We've had to change over from travel mode to living in mode, which means a lot of things we kept in the coach for monthly trips is not necessary now that we are sitting in one place most of the time. When we travel, as we did last weekend, we will just load our vacation stuff back in...meanwhile, we have a lot more space to live in now.

So, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Just got a reminder on my Droid smart phone that I have jury duty today......uggh! I'll be off the office to set up my new laptop that arrived via UPS old laptop is giving up the ghost, and I'm trying to be proactive in replacing it before it crashes for good. I've been able to resurrect it twice so far, but I'm sure it does not have 9 lives like our cats...haha!

Stainless steel under stove top lid

New door latch

Upper pull out drawer

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