Friday, February 4, 2011

Ventura by the sea.....

8:30am -

A few weeks ago before we knew we were going to be accepted as camp hosts I made arrangements with my brother to meet him and his wife in Ventura this weekend. We love visiting Ventura in the winter, because it is so easy getting a spot right by the ocean. Southern Californians don't like to camp so much when it is under 60 degrees, and that makes it easy to snag a first come, first serve spot right here on Rincon Parkway, just 4 miles north of the city. The front of our coach is 30 feet from the water, and the temperature has risen all the way to 63.

Elaine and I are doing a little office work since it is, afterall, Friday, and we are not retired yet. In a few minutes we'll drive into Ventura for lunch at the Anacapa Brewing Company (ABC). ABC is a micro brewery that we have been visiting for 6 years. Great beer, and food!

Here are a few pictures.......thanks for reading.

10:41pm -

What a great day on the Pacific Ocean.....had a great lunch at ABC with my brother and his wife, stopped at the local Von's supermarket to pick up some filet mignon's and headed back to Faria. Took an hour nap....ohhh that felt delicious to lay down and not have to get up to be anywhere at any particular time! Around 5:30 I got the Sea-B-Que BBQ out and grilled our filets while Elaine prepared some great asparagus and salad, the sat down with my brother and his wife for dinner while the sun set behind us. What a great evening. Sat by the fire for about 4 hours chatting, and we usually do. My brother and I are separated by 14 years which was a big deal when we were young, but not so much now that we are 61 and is his birthday....he's not the baby anymore.

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