Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Razor's edge.......

8:20 am - Tuesday - March 31st - Wittmann, AZ - 57° F, 51% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the north.......cloud cover this morning and the rest of the day with a forecast high of 80° F.  We have four more days of 80-82°  weather, and then back into the 70's through at least the middle of April, and April begins tomorrow.

I returned to my copper plumbing polishing project Monday morning.  Up to this point I had tried 'Bar Keepers Friend', some water, and a tooth brush.  It worked slowly, but well, but also made a big mess which required a lot of cleanup......

.....then Monday I tried 'Never Dull' which I have had for years.  Thankfully, it is still potent.  It is basically a cotton like substance soaked in some sort of metal cleaner that you use to polish the metal.  It takes a lot of rubbing, and takes a while, but it also does a pretty good job, albeit slowly.......

.....after about an hour I decided to get out my dremel and use a couple of polishing wheels to see how that worked.  Well, it worked well, and very, very fast!  What took me the better part of an hour to accomplish, I did in 5 minutes with the polishing wheel. Unfortunately, I only had two of them, so I will have order some more of them from Amazon......

.....I'm sure with the new wheels on order I can finish the rest of the copper plumbing in short order and move onto some other frivolous project......😉

Over the weekend Tom had offered to take TLE and I on a Razor ride through the desert, and we took him up on his offer Monday afternoon.  I love taking these desert journeys with Tom, as he just makes it up as you go....you never know where you are going, let alone where you are at any given point.  He just drives, takes turns here and there and somehow we find our way back........

....at one point TLE shouted over the steady roar of the rear mounted motor that she saw a couch on the side of the road with a TV sitting in front of it, so we turned around to see it.  Sure enough, someone had set up an old, discarded couch with an old cathode ray tube TV on the ground in front of it......cool.....desert art.....

.....seriously, if you are going to discard old furniture out in the desert, please set it up in way that is thought provoking, instead of disgusting......nice job whoever you are.

We arrived home between 3:30 and 4 pm after having covered some 27 miles of desert meandering. Tom let me drive the last few miles.....let me assure you that no small children, or animals were harmed, and we all arrived home unscathed.

Around 6 pm we drove over to the home of Jon and Laura (Tom and Darlene's daughter, and son-in-law) to celebrate the 17th birthday of their daughter Katie.  They live about 1/16th of a mile away as the crow flies, and they are currently healthy.  We all practiced social distancing.....no hugs, or handshakes.  

So, another day in the life....we are now on the verge of April, and who knows what unknowns are yet out there?  Both TLE and I continue to be asymptomatic.  On Thursday we venture into Glendale, AZ to visit COSTCO  to pick up two more prescriptions.....these two, combined with the one I picked up two weeks ago will take me into July without needing a refill.  COSTCO has now instituted 'senior' hours from 8 am to 9 am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and on those days they also open their Pharmacy early, so we will take advantage of that.  Additionally, TLE and Darlene did some extensive research into making our own washable, and reusable face masks.....

.....I have two, and so does TLE, so we will be wearing those when we enter COSTCO, or any other public place from this point forward.  Darlene has a wonderful, commercially equipped sewing center and is quite skilled.  It took several fittings to get each one designed, and finished, but they came out very well....looks like something you would find in a store.

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  1. The piece I read on the DIY masks talked about having three masks. One to wear, one to wash and the third to give away to someone who needs one.
    I guess I should get started on my first one!

  2. Ha . When we lived in Los Angeles lots of people were those masks and wore baggy pants 😎

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