Saturday, June 23, 2018

About nothing.....

6:11 am - Saturday - June 23rd - Southwest Harbor, ME - 52º F, 98% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the south......cloudy skies.

No two days are the same here at SDC, but they have a sameness about them nonetheless.  I sit here trying to compose today's missive and seem to have nothing interesting to say about my Friday in the lovely township of Southwest Harbor, ME.  I kind of feel like I'm living in a Seinfeld story seems to be about 'nothing'.   So here comes 'nothing'!

As usual my workday began at 8 am.....Tammy and Alex were just finishing up the pool so I took a golf cart down to the wood pile to bring back 12 bundles of wood to 'top off' the wood box.  We are beginning to sell a lot more firewood as the daily campground population continues to grow.

On the other hand we have kind of gotten ahead of a lot of daily chores, including the never ending grass mowing and trimming.  We are so on top of things that we are now checking sites with checkins a couple of days ahead to be sure they are ready for occupancy.  Normally we would just be checking the sites with checkins that day.  It's good to be so caught up, but on the other hand it means we are making work to keep busy each day.  No doubt once the 4th of July arrives we will be very glad we got ahead of the curve for a while as we will then have 6-8 weeks of double timing it just to stay slightly behind.

Once I had delivered the 12 bundles of wood we set out to begin cleaning sites for arrivals two days in the future, and that took us the rest of the day.  I took a string trimmer with me to spruce up each site I checked, and then Alex and Tammy made a list of the ones they checked that also needed a little trimming.  One armed Alex, of course, cannot currently operate a string trimmer, and Tammy had back fusion a few years ago and cannot operate one for that reason, so it falls to me on the days I work with them to do all the string trimming.  Now that I am used to running the string trimmer for hours at a time I don't mind.  I just put on my hearing protection which has a built in radio and listen to tunes while I merrily trim my way through the campground each's all good.

In the middle of the afternoon we had a call from site 122 that their cable TV connection was broken, so I retrieved the replacement parts from the 'garage' and got to work fixing the broken box.  I had to disassemble the metal box in which the cable connection was located to get at the broken piece, replace it, and then put it all back together again.  In all it took me almost an hour and then I was back to string trimming for the balance of the afternoon.

Just as I was putting my time card in the time stamp machine to 'clock out' for the day a customer came in asking if I could help them back into site # 175.  We get this request on a regular basis as this site is located on a bend in the road and can be difficult to get into if you are a newby at back up a long trailer.  I've got it down to where I can direct them into the site in one try.  Anyway, I took care of that request in about 10 minutes and then was back to officially 'clock out' at 5:10 pm.  TLE was clocking out at the same time so I gave her a ride home.

Another work day is in the books and now it was time to watch some of the World Cup soccer matches we had recorded for later viewing.  All of the results were predictable, but the games were fun to watch, nevertheless.

So that was my story about nothing on Friday, June 22nd.....I hope it was a little interesting....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love reading your blogs, even if you feel your days consist of a lot of the same thing or "nothing" as you put it, keep on writing my friend. I enjoy reading about our days.....I have drawn part of a picture in my head from the things you write and your pictures what the campground and surrounding area must look like. I am sure whats in my head is all wrong and I hope someday I will get the chance to find out as it sounds so beautiful and amazing.