Friday, June 8, 2018

Stringing me along......

6:10 am - Friday - June 8th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 52º F, 92% humidity, wind 11 mph out fo the south by southwest......cloudy with a forecast high today of 68º F.

I like Thursday, because it is payday......I don't like Thursday, because it is our 'Monday'.  While I wrote that it was partly cloudy at the time I began yesterday's post, it turned to heavy cloud cover by the time we reported for work, and remained that way all day long.  So much so that we all thought it was going to rain again, but it didn't.

After doing site checks I went to the 'garage' to pick up the Stihl string trimmer I like and thus began a day of trimming grass in all the full hookup sites.  We call them the 70's, 80's, 90's and 100's.....that's how they are grouped.  The 70's and 80's face each other along the back interior road (we are #78).......

......the 100's are in the middle, and the 90's are on the far side near the pool.  Like many campgrounds I have been in, including TVC, the numbering is not always logical.  I ran that string trimmer out of gas 5 times during the day.....and that was the extent of my day.  I pretty much got 95% of the sites done, and will pick up the last 5% sometime Friday before the weekenders begin to arrive.  

This will not be a real big weekend as most children on MDI* are still in school until next Friday.  After that the floodgates will begin to open, and we will look back fondly to these idyllic days of 10-15% occupancy.

Between TLE and I, combined, we grossed over $1,000 in pay for the pay period of May 31st to June 6th, and that is the weekly reward for working our butts off for another summer, and mute testimony to the extent of our toil.

We were both home by 3:15 pm......I was 'whipped' as they say, but it felt like a good 'whipped'.   I changed my clothes and sat down in my recliner for an hour before getting up to take another long, hot shower.  I tell TLE that when I wake up in the middle of the night with stiff, sore fingers it makes me happy.  I really missed working outside the last year.  Every day I am a little less sore, and can see my endurance increasing slowly, but surely.

Around 5:15 I turned on the Sea-B-Que BBQ to grill a petite filet mignon for dinner.   This one had been aging for about a week in the fridge and it time to reap the reward!  My system is to put the filet on the grill for 2 minutes to sear the first side, then turn it and sear the second side.  I leave it on the second side for 6 minutes, then turn it back over to the first side for another 4 minutes for a total of 12 minutes.  If the steak is thicker then I will probably do 7 minutes on each side, or more.  It comes out perfect every single time.......

 Grilling perfection!

 Time to dig in....

.....I then hand over the steak to TLE who lets it 'rest' for about 5 minutes, and then dinner is served!  On this night she prepared some hollandaise sauce for the asparagus and broccoli sides, as well as a baked was all delicious, and I cherished every single bite......

I mopped up the excess hollandaise sauce with the filet

......I am still thinking about that filet as I write today's missive....yum!  We were in bed by 10 pm looking forward to another day in northeast Maine.....thanks for stopping by!

*MDI = Mount Desert Island

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