Monday, June 11, 2018

Crystal clear......

6:14 am - Monday - June 11th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 46º F, 87% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the east......crystal clear, blue skies with a forecast high today of 62º F.....down almost 10 degrees in the last 3 days.  Looks like a couple of weeks coming with temps in the 60's, and a lot more rain....I'll enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!

I like Sundays here at SDC.....I really do.  The workaday folks are retreating back to their workaday lives, and the campground gets really quiet.  There is a kind of laid back feeling to the day.  All the hard work Monday through Friday has paid off with many compliments from customers about the quality of our campground.

I have to say that it is so pleasing to work for people who really pay attention to detail.  The appearance of their campground is very important to them, and they go out of their way to make it look inviting.  They have planted flowers everywhere, as well as hanging baskets of flowers all over the pool and office area.  We keep the grass neatly trimmed in all the sites, and there are no overflowing trash cans, or trash anywhere on the ground, and the pool is always crystal clear...........

......each day the water in both pools is tested 4-5 times and the chlorine adjusted accordingly......

 The pool even has a slide!

......I do the last test of the day when I close the pool at 8 pm and text a copy of the log book to Todd for him to review and recommend any changes...... 

.......this campground reminds me more of parkland than a campground.  

On Sunday it was just one armed Alex and I (Alex, if you will remember, broke his arm skate boarding a few weeks ago) to clean 9 sites, pick up the trash, do site checks, reload the wood box, clean the restrooms and finally wash and detail all three golf carts.   Thrown into the mix was the repair of a picnic table which had a broken board.  Since Alex came in at 7 am to open the pool with Todd he left at 3 pm leaving me to return to my beloved string trimmer for the last hour of the day.  By 4 pm another work day had passed into history. TLE had the closing shift on this day, so I headed home alone to take a nap, take a long hot shower and then heat up an enchilada casserole TLE had prepared for my dinner......I am blessed!

I returned at 7:30 to close the pool, do the final water test of the day, and then escort TLE home after she closed the office at 8 was a good day!

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