Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Rain man......

8:49 am - Tuesday - June 5th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 45º F, 92% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the northeast.......raining with heavy cloud cover....forecast high for today is 49º F.

I was back to an 8 am start time on Monday.  As I drove my golf cart down the hill to the office I couldn't help but think about the impending rain due around noon time, and that the forecast showed it raining from noon on Monday until mid morning Tuesday....that's a lot of rain.  This is the kind of weather that makes you hope there is something  to do inside in the afternoon, right?

I hooked up with Tony (he's off Saturday and Sunday) to do site checks, replenish the wood in the 'wood box', and then clean the two sites which were being vacated .  We had all that done by 9:30 am.  Just about that time we saw Alex (the guy with the broken left arm) driving up in his car.  Apparently he had gotten a letter from his orthopedist releasing him to work as long as he doesn't use his left arm.  We gave him a warm greeting and then headed off to mow some grass out near the entrance as well as do some edging with the gas powered Stihl string trimmer.  We finished with that task by 10:15 am and headed back to the office to find out what else we should do before lunch.  Tony joined forces with Alex to show him how to do site check.....we are now doing three per day, and that is something Alex can do with one hand.  

While they were making the rounds of the campground I went back and got the string trimmer to trim some grass in one of the tent sites that had been missed a couple of days prior, as well as some grass around the office area.   This brought us up to 11 am and time for lunch.

TLE has been beginning her work day at noon the past few days and closing the office at 8 pm, so she was still home when I arrived for lunch.  She had cooked me some minestrone soup for lunch....what a perfect lunch meal on a very cold, and soon to be wet day!  Around 11:30 am the rain began to fall, so when I went back to work at noon I put on my new SDC rain parka which Rain has so kindly purchased for me prior to our arrival here in Southwest Harbor.......

....it is completely waterproof and has a hood.  June is a very rainy month and we are finding that out first hand with this first storm of the month.  What you cannot see in this photo is that I am wearing shorts......at least I'll only have wet pants down to my knees.....lol!

Of course, our first job in the afternoon (12 pm to 2 pm) is to clean the restrooms which keeps us indoors, and out of the rain for two hours.  My last job for the day was to go and put to my pool water testing skills learned the day before into practice.  Alex came with me, because yes this is also a job that can be done with one arm.  Alex and I spent the next hour testing and retesting the water and finally had two tests in a row where we got the same results each time.  We have to first determine the chlorine levels in both the kiddie pool and the big pool, and then the PH level in each pool.  These tests determine whether any adjustments need to be made to either.  I think I'm getting the hang of the testing and recording of the results, and the practice was important.  Fortunately we do have an enclosed shed where we can do the testing out of the rain.

By 3 pm I was done for the day, and there would be no need for me to return to close the pool, as we never opened it due to the cold, and eventually wet conditions, so I would be able spend the rest of my day out of the rain.

I took a long, long hot shower which warmed my extremities, and then put on my pajamas and sat down to watch a couple of movies on TV.....'Olympus Has Fallen' (2013, stars Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, 6.5 out of 10 stars), and then 'Oblivion' (also released in 2013, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, 7.0 out of 10 stars).  Then it was on to 'American Pickers' starring Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz....I love this show and what a better way to spend the end of a rainy afternoon that watching Mike and Frank on their never ending quest for 'rusty gold'.

TLE arrived home by 8:10 pm.....just as I was getting in the VW to drive down to the office to pick her up....I had forgotten she took an umbrella with her to work.  She enjoyed a brief walk home in the rain....it takes about 3 minutes to walk from the office to the Newell.

We were in bed a little after 11 pm drifting off to dreamland to the sound of rain pelting our aluminum roof.......sweet!

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