Sunday, June 17, 2018

Par for the course......

5:23 am - Sunday - June 17th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 55º F, 81% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the northeast.......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 61º was 77º F yesterday.  Big temperature swings seem to be the norm here in June.  60% chance of rain Monday.

Saturday was 'hot' and humid....I know, I know.....77º F is not 'hot', but compared to the weather to which we have been accustomed it feels 'hot'.  Hot, muggy weather is not conducive to good mental health....for me, at!  As is my custom I donned my fleece jacket for the golf cart ride down to the office, and was taking it off as we exited the cart to walk into the office.  It was already 70º F at 7:55 am!  Usually it is in the high 40's, or low 50's.

My first task of Saturday was to change a mattress cover on a twin bunk bed mattress in cabin # 318.  The report was that it was torn, but I could find no tear.  Confused, I ended up checking every single mattress in the cabin and could not find a tear anywhere......hmmmmm.  I went back to the office to inquire further and was told to talk with Cindy, our cabin cleaner, who had reported the problem.  She was cleaning cabin # 308, so I drove my cart over and asked her what the deal was.  She said she had reported it as 'DIRTY', not torn.  Well, okay, I would agree with was dirty.  Sometimes clear communication can be an issue for human beings.  I returned to cabin # 318 and changed the dirty mattress cover.

Next I cleaned the stainless steel triple sink behind the bathrooms, which is used by tent campers to wash their dishes.  It must be cleaned several times a day.  Once that was done I helped Tammy and Steven finish cleaning the remaining 5 sites finishing the last site just before 11 am....time for lunch!

While I ate my sandwich I watched more of the U.S. Open Championship.  At that point, Dustin Johnson had a four stroke lead at 4 under par, and was the only golfer under par.  By the time I returned 4 hours later at 4 pm Dustin Johnson was only 2 under par, and within 4 more holes he was 2 over par.  By the end of Saturday's play he was 3 over par and tied for first place with several other players who had finished hours earlier 7 strokes behind the leader.  Those players gained 7 strokes on the field by sitting in the club house.  The course had deteriorated terribly in the afternoon, and many greens just became virtually unplayable, and unfair to say the least.  The last 7 holes were a nightmare for every player still on the course.  So, we begin round 4 on Sunday with the leaders at 3 over par.  The question which remains to be answered is will anyone finish at even par, or even under par?  We shall see.

After cleaning the bathrooms I went up to the 'garage' to begin the assembly of 3 more stainless steel BBQ's which had been delivered the day prior.  These grills take about an hour for two people to took me about 90 minutes to assemble one by myself.  I finished the first grill just before 4 pm so I washed my golf cart, and put it away before walking down to the office to clock out for the day.

TLE had turned on the A/C in the Newell before I arrived for which I was extremely grateful.  I changed clothes and sat watching the aforementioned U.S. Open the rest of the finally finished around 7:30 pm with the results I wrote about above.  Thankfully, it will be in the low 60's once again on Sunday, and order will be restored weather wise in Southwest Harbor.

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