Friday, June 1, 2018

Back to work......

6:13 am - Friday - June 1st - Southwest Harbor, ME - 58º F, 55% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the south by southwest.......clear, blue skies with a forecast high of 67º F.

Going back to work after a strenuous hiking day can sometimes be problematic, and Thursday it was for me.  I remember telling TLE about 7 am Thursday that I was already looking forward to my nap at lunch....still four hours!  Thankfully the weather was delightful....clear skies, slight breeze.

We began the day doing something we will be doing a lot until July....mowing and trimming the grass of which there are acres and acres.  It seems it must be done a couple of times a week right now, but I am told it begins to slow down after it gets consistently warmer and there is less rain.  At any rate, that task took us up to 11 am and lunch time.

I was home within minutes, ate my lunch quickly, and then settled in for a much needed nap.  I think it's going to take a few hikes for us both to get back into the kind of hiking shape we had back in Yellowstone, but we will get there!

Following my siesta it was time to clean the restrooms.  Every day at 12 noon we begin this task, and we have until 2 pm to finish.  Once we are past that hump it is just another hour until I am off work.  Oh, by the way, my schedule is reverting back to 8 am to 3 pm until things get much busier, which is fine with me.....especially on Thursday....😊

So, I had one hour before the end of my work day.....what to do?  I decided to drive my golf cart up to the 'garage' to do a thorough cleaning of same, and that pretty much filled out my last hour of the day.  I was pretty much out of gas and hoping Friday would find me more rested.

TLE and I were headed for the barn with paychecks in hand a little after 3 pm.  Man was I tired!  I sat down in my recliner to take another nap, but decided pretty quickly that if I did fall asleep I would not wake up for a long time, so I decided to head out to the trailer and putter around for a while, and that worked.  I kind of perked up and forgot about the nap.

TLE came out about 6 pm and we sat in our new chairs enjoying the early evening and talking.  We are both really enjoying our time here in Maine, and are quite pleased with our decision so many months ago to come here for the summer.  The people for whom we work could not be nicer, or more considerate.  We feel like family.

Sorry for the extreme brevity of today's blog post, but that is pretty much all there is to say about Thursday....thanks for stopping by!

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