Sunday, June 10, 2018

Idyllic day.......

6:16 am - Sunday - June 10th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 50º F, 71% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the north.....crystal clear, blue skies....forecast high for today is 69º F.

As soon as I stepped out the door Saturday I realized it was going to be a beautiful, balmy, idyllic day.....the kind of day in which you pause often to proclaim how beautiful it is to anyone who will listen, and they will all agree with you instantly.  I had my jacket off within minutes and never put it back on the rest of the day.

As I arrived at the office I noticed that Todd and Steve were at the pool, so I punched the clock and headed over to talk to them as they finished opening the pool for the day.  Whoever opens the pool each day much arrive at 7 am.....I am glad I have only done that one time so far.....getting up at 6 am to be at work by 8 am is as early as I want to be awake.  We walked back to the office together to get a cup of coffee.  

They have a nice tradition here at SDC.  Each morning everyone working that day gathers at the office at 8 am to drink coffee for about 10-15 minutes whilst discussing what needs to be done during that particular day.  It's a nice way to begin the day, and the coffee is actually very good!

By 8:20 Steve and I were doing the daily site checks, bringing up 8 bundles of wood to top off the wood box, and then cleaning our first site.  There were only two sites to clean Saturday and we had them finished before 9 am.  Next up was the trash collection from around the campground, and then the daily drive to the transfer station to deliver our share of the local community effluent.  The effluent is sorted, and stored until it is transferred to large semis which transport it 50+ miles to a landfill near Bangor, ME.  It is a very efficient operation, but the smell resulting from all the local seafood waste from restaurants can be overwhelming at times as the weather continues to warm.

Now that we have been at SDC for a month now I am now qualified to drive the John Deere zero steer lawnmower, pump propane, and now test the pool chlorine and PH levels on my own, as well as deploy the 'robot' pool sweeper each evening when I close the pool.  I have become quite proficient at operating the string trimmers.  

11 am always seems to roll around pretty quickly each day, and we were on our way to lunch.   TLE usually prepares a half sandwich for me to eat at lunch, which she leaves in the Dometic refrigerator.  She stays at the office to eat her lunch as they do not have anyone to break her until the rest of the seasonal employees arrive.

The afternoons fly by quickly too as the first two hours after lunch are consumed with cleaning the men's and women's restrooms.  Once that is done we either have 1, or 2 hours left in our day depending on what more must be done before the end of the day.  On Saturday I stayed until 4 pm finishing up some more string trimming in the 70's section of the full hookup up sites.

On Saturday there were too many people in the office, so TLE offered to go home at lunch time for the day.  She went to the local market to do some shopping, and came home with a couple of chicken breasts which she marinated the entire afternoon.  My job was to grill them on the Sea-B-Que, which I began at 5:30 and finished just after 6 pm....they came out perfectly done......quite tender and moist!

Around 7:20 pm I walked down to close the pool which involves doing the required chlorine and PH tests, deploying the 'robot' and then covering the pool. All that takes about 30 minutes.  After that I picked up the office golf cart and made a slow run around the campground to be sure all was  in order and it was.  This is one of the quietest RV parks we have ever worked at....everyone is so well behaved and respectfully quiet.  Noise has never been an issue in the month we have been here.  We'll see how things go when the 4th of July arrives in 3 weeks.

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