Saturday, June 16, 2018

New faces......

6:17 am - Saturday - June 16th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 55º F, 86% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the northwest.......clear, blue skies with a forecast high today of 77º F.

Real Saturday....our neighbors for the summer have arrived....Lou and Sue (easy to remember, huh?)

We've added two more people to our summer staff.....Tammy and Karen.  They work essentially our two month busy period from just before the 4th of July to just after Labor Day.  Karen works in the office, and Tammy works outside with us guys.  So now, with the lone exception of our 'night manager', we are fully staffed.  I have been doubling as the 'night manager' until Deb arrives to take over the job.  This time of year it does not really involve much except closing our pool, taking any phone calls which occur after 1o pm on the Ranger phone, and doing a patrol around the campground around 9:30 pm once the 4th of July arrives.

On Friday it was Alex, Tammy and I on duty.  One armed Alex took care of site checks and cleaning the 11 sites with departures.  Tammy and I gathered up trash, and made the daily run to the transfer station.  It was sort of a low day, and it felt like we spent a lot of time in the morning standing around waiting for an assignment.

We took an early lunch at 10:45 am as Todd wanted all three of us to test the pool water before we began to clean the restrooms to see how the three of us compare testing the water at the same time.  Testing the water PH level is very subjective and the results can easily vary 2/10's of a point from person to person.  Typically we want the PH level to read 7.4-7.6.  Testing the chlorine level is a little more objective, but the results depend on the correct amount of active ingredient being applied to the water sample, and the water sample being an exact amount.  If either is slightly off the results will vary.  It is a matter of putting two very tiny scoops of the active ingredient in about 3 ounces of water which turns the water pink depends on how much chlorine is in the water.  We then drop one drop of another solution into the water at a time until the water is clear again.  We multiply the number of drops it takes to clear the water times .2 and that tells how many parts per million the chlorine is at the time.  Any result over 3.0, or under 1.0 means we must adjust how much chlorine is being added to the pool water.....

 Our testing armed Alex is doing the testing at this time

 The filters, and heating equipment

The water is crystal clear on this day as it is every day

......the water is tested 4 times per day and adjustments are made as needed.  When we are done testing we take a picture of the log book......

.....and text it to Todd to review.  He will either text, or call back with any changes.  If none are needed we will just get a text with a 'thumbs up' emoji attached.

After cleaning the restrooms I went up the 'garage' to pickup up a mower and string trimmer and spent the final two hours of my shift trimming grass in the "70's and 80's", and then in the water/electric sites.  There is always mowing and trimming to never ends.  By 3:50 pm I was headed for the 'garage to unload everything, clean my cart, and then punch the clock....another day in the books.

I grilled some pollo asado for tacos and we watched a recorded episode of 'Alone', as well as the World Cup 2018 match between Portugal and Spain.....a very good game.......and were in bed before 10's going to be almost 80 degrees on Saturday!

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