Saturday, May 18, 2019

A good day to be alive!

7:29 am - Saturday - May 18th - Ramona, CA - 47° F, 84% humidity, wind - CALM.....sunny today with a forecast high of 72° F.....the view today.......↴

TLE went back to work Friday at 9 am leaving me to my own devices, which were not many.  I had the PGA Champsionship on from the time I awoke until almost 3 pm.  Unfortunately, Tiger did not make the cut.  He finished 5 over par after two rounds.....17 strokes behind the leader, Brooks Koepka.  Ironically, Tiger finished in second place just behind Brooks in last year's PGA Championship.  So, no Tiger over the weekend....oh well.

It was past time to dump our black tank so I got to that first thing Friday, and had it dumped a little after 10 am.  I spent the rest of the morning leisurely deploying more of our yard lights (rope, string, solar, etc.), hanging our wind chimes, and installing the mirror, and windshield wiper covers.  We've been at RORVR for over 3 weeks now, so I think it is time to act like we will be here for a few months.  I haven't had any yard lights out since Campbellsville, KY so it is about time, right?

As part of my recovery I am supposed to walk 10 minutes a day on flat ground, but there is really no 'flat' ground here at RORVR, so I do the best I can do.  My routine after two days is to walk down to the office which takes about 5 minutes, talk to TLE for a few minutes, and then walk back to the Newell.  I feel fine, and feel as if I could go longer and faster, but I know from all the reading material provided by the Cardiac Unit at Palomar Medical Center that I need to give my heart time to recover from the traumatic events of this past Monday evening.

I'm still putting eye drops in my surgically repaired right eye 4 times per day, and that will continue until June 10th. I also must wear an eye patch every night when I sleep for the same duration.  I also may not sleep on my right side for that time period.  Between all of that I am popping about 6 different pills each day at various, oh my how my life has changed over the past 1.5 years!

I took several breaks while deploying my yard lights, sitting down in my zero gravity chair to watch the PGA on the outdoor TV.  I haven't had that TV out since last summer in Southwest Harbor.  I often think about putting the outdoor TV in my son's warehouse, but every time I pull it out I am so grateful I have it.

About 8:15 pm my daughter, son-in-law with grandchildren in tow (Kate, Nick, Elijah and Jolene) arrived with their 3 month old bumper pull travel trailer to spend the weekend.  On Saturday three more children (Sharon, Tim and Meredith) will arrive with their significant others, and attendant grandchildren to spend the night in three of our rental cabins.  All of this had been planned for later in the season, but my heart attack kind of sped up their plans to be with their makes me very happy.....↴

Nick & Kate's new travel trailer

.......after they got set up Nick and Kate came over to chat for a while.....our first time camping with them!  They have come to visit us several times wherever we have been staying in SoCal, but this is the first time in an RV.  They are loving the lifestyle, and their kids really love it....of course, what kid wouldn't, right?

And that was our Friday....a good day to be alive......thanks for stopping by!

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