Thursday, May 23, 2019

Into the weeds......

6:28 am - Thursday - May 23rd - Ramona, CA - 52° F, 90% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the south.....overcast this morning (30% chance of rain) with a forecast high of 63° F....the view this morning......↴

So, after 8 days off work, Wednesday was my first day back on the job following my HA*on May 13th.  The weather forecast for Wednesday was rain showers, on and off, all throughout the day so I bundled up and headed for the office with TLE about 8:55 am.  Although the cardiologist released me to moderate work (no running, or lifting over 25 lbs.) I was determined to take it easy Wednesday.  When Rich presented the current 'to do' list I immediately saw he wanted weeding to be done around the Red Barn.....not the weed wacking, string trimming kind of weeding, but get down on your hands and knees kind of weeding.....perfect!  Many people would not like that kind of weeding, but find it very relaxing, and the time seems to fly, so I chose that one.  I knew from what I had seen that this would be at least an all day job.  

Before I could get to the weeding I set out to 'open' RORVR for another day.  As I have written previously this includes, but is not limited to unlocking the storage area, checking the water level in the water tank on the hill and turning on the pumps as necessary, unlocking the Red Barn, and opening the pool (involves unlocking the gate, clearing all the skimmers of any debris, rearranging the pool furniture, testing the water (chlorine and PH levels), and recording the temperatures and filter pressures of the pool and Jacuzzi).  All of that takes 60 to 90 minutes.

I began weeding around the Red Barn around 10:30 am.......

 The weeds were not thick, but there were a lot of them, including a lot of small ones you cannot see in these pictures

......I stayed at it all day (except for my 30 minute lunch break), and was almost done by 3:45 pm, but two small patches of weeds remain for Thursday.  I also took time to rake out the horseshoe pits, and sweep off the concrete walkways around the pits.....

 Almost all the weeds are gone.....looks great!

.....I'm going to suggest to Rich that we re-stain the backstops for each of the pits, and perhaps replace the dirt in the pits with sand.

I had my weeds dumped, and tools put away just before 4 pm, and was on my way home.  TLE remained on duty to 5 pm as Linda (the other office person) had to leave early.  I returned in about 50 minutes to pickup TLE just as it began to rain once again.  

The rain came and went as forecast all day long, and into the evening.  Periodically I had to take shelter in the Red Barn waiting out the 5-10 minute squalls.  It was a good first day back, and while being very tired at the end of the work day I feel great, and am looking forward to Thursday!

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*HA = Heart Attack

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