Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Rain check..........

6:53 am - Wednesday - May 1st - Ramona, CA - 52° F, 75% humidity, wind - CALM.....cloudy today with a forecast high of 70° F.  So here we are....another month has passed and it is now May.....1/3 of 2019 is in the history books.....what comes next?

The view this morning.....overcast again, but no rain today

When we first woke up Tuesday it was overcast, but the street was dry, however, within 30 minutes it began to drizzle, and that was how Tuesday went down.......drizzle, rain, hard rain, drizzle......wash, rinse, repeat.  I like to save boring, repetitive tasks for days like Tuesday.  One of those boring, repetitive tasks which must be done a few times per year is to scan paperwork into my computer so we can shred and dispose of all the paper.  The last time I had this much scanning to do was before we reached Campbellsville.  Since then there have been a lot of doctor visits, and along with doctor visits comes a boatload of paperwork.  There have also been vehicle repairs to the VW and the Newell, and those two categories (medical and vehicle repair) contained 95% of the paper to be scanned.

Before any scanning can be done I go through all of the paperwork I have been saving for the past few months and ferret out the duplicates, envelopes, and anything else which does not have to be scanned and/or shredded.  Once I have done that I go through the remaining pile and separate it into several categories such as medical paperwork/invoices, social security/medicare mailings, vehicle repair invoices, etc.  On this day 99% of the paperwork fell into the three listed categories, as it usually does.

Since there is no room near my laptop for our HP Envy scanner/printer/copier it is located on the shelf behind our bed, and I connect to it via WiFi.  Since the HP Envy and my laptop are separated by 30 feet scanning becomes a two person job.  TLE sits on the bed and places one sheet at a time on the scanner deck and I operate the software on the laptop.  Once everything is scanned I separate the pile of paper just scanned into two piles.....the paper I need to keep, and the paper which can be shredded.  The shred pile usually contains 80-90% of what I just scanned.  I do hang onto paperwork regarding the maintenance and repair of our vehicles, but the rest can just be scanned and shredded.

Once I have determined what needs to be shredded I go out to the trailer and set up my shredder, and usually within a few minutes the pile is turned into confetti.  From beginning to end the process took between 2 and 3 hours, but on a rainy day who cares, right?

Around 2 pm we drove into town to do a big shopping at Stater Brothers, and the rest of the day was spent reading and taking a couple of naps.  We'll be back to work on Wednesday, May 1st getting more familiarized with our job responsibilities.  It appears we will have several days of 60's and 70's weather....actually for the next two weeks....perfect!

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