Friday, May 3, 2019


6:59 am - Friday - May 3rd - Ramona, CA - 49° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM......sunny this morning with a forecast high of 75° F.  The view this morning.....↴

Sunny this morning!

I began Thursday opening the pool, doing the pool/Jacuzzi tests, recording the results, and adding water to the pool.  When that was done I continued what I had begun the day before.....sweeping up a winter's worth of windblown debris, dust and dirt around the pool deck.  It took me the rest of the morning to complete that task, and by the time I had arranged all of the pool furniture it was lunch time.  I picked up TLE from the office about 12:25 pm and headed back to the coach for our 30 minute lunch.  It takes me about 10 minutes to eat my sandwich, and then I spend another 15 closing my eyes and just resting.  We were back to the office by 12:55 pm where I dropped off TLE, and headed back to the pool/playground area to begin pulling all the weeds which had taken root during the winter...... 

.....the 'grass' on either side of the sidewalk is actually artificial turf.  As you can see from the picture (2nd one up from here) there were weeds lining the sidewalk which grew in the seam between the artificial turf and the sidewalk.  The tree well was completely choked with weeds.....

 Starting to overflow, and I'm not done yet!

 All the weeds are gone!

.....those weeds are now history.  I also pulled weeds around the playground set seen in the background in this picture......↴

.....about 1/3 of the area under and around the equipment was covered with weeds growing up through the wood chips.  Needless to say I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees Thursday afternoon.  In all I filled a trash can to overflowing by the time 3:45 pm rolled around.  I quickly swept any remaining debris off the sidewalks, dumped the trash can full of weeds, and then headed back to the office area to put away the tools.  In all I spent all of Thursday working in the pool/playground area, and they are now both ready for the season to begin on Memorial Day weekend just under 4 weeks away.

Thursday also completed our first week living at RORVR*.  Around 8 pm Rich and Marnie (managers) came by to ride with us on our first CLOSING.  It takes 15-30 minutes to close up the facilities which consist of the pool area, the storage area, and the Community Center (the big red barn), then we check in on both restrooms to be sure they are clean, and that all the toilets are functioning as they should.  Finally we run down to the office to be sure it is locked, as well as the tool sheds, and supply shed.  Over the course of the 30 minutes we also circumnavigated the park to be sure all was quiet.  Naturally, it is very quiet right now almost a month before Memorial Day, but we are booked solid for that weekend and will get a taste of what the park feels like when it is full.

We both have a ways to go before we have finished all of our training, but things are progressing rapidly.  I love that I am given an assignment and the latitude to complete it as I see fit.  So far Rich is pleased with what I am doing, and has complimented me several times on my thoroughness.  We both have received more "Good job!" compliments in our first week here at RORVR* than we did in the entire 3 months at our RV park job last summer.

Thanks for stopping by!

*RORVR = Ramona Oaks RV Resort

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