Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I blew it!

7:10 am - Tuesday - May 7th - Ramona, CA - 53° F, 93% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the northwest.......cloudy, rainy today with a forecast high of 62° F.......the view this morning.....↴

Drizzling rain this morning

The rain forecast for Monday never really materialized beyond a few brief in duration drizzles.   At the beginning of the day I was wondering what we would do outside workwise if it did rain, but I never had to answer that question as the day was mostly like this......↴

......my initial task was to check the water level in the water tank up on the hill, and I found it down some 4,500 gallons so I set the timers on each pump (2 hours) and started them running.

I then headed back to the office to find out my assignment for the day and chose to finish blowing the silt/dirt off the parking lot area of the Red Barn which I had begun a few days earlier.  By lunch I was about 50% done....time for a break!  I was back at it right after lunch, and for the next 3 hours I continued to blow the silt towards the back edge of the parking lot......↴

 Looks like the beach, right?

.....at 3:20 pm (40 minutes to go in my day) I still had a large swath of silt to blow off the parking lot.  It was getting so deep I decided to run down to the tool shed and get a large push broom to push the bulk of what remained off the parking lot, and then finish with the blower....I finished at 4:01 pm......

.....I'm glad I was able to use the 'backpack' Stihl blower as it would have taken another hour or two with the handheld.  Usually I call TLE on the two-way radio to let her know I am coming to pick her up well before 4 pm, but I was in such a hurry to finish the task Monday I didn't call her until a little after 4 pm.  I was there in minutes, and we were on our way home for the evening.

We have been doing the 'CLOSE' job the past few workdays and Monday was no different.  Essentially the 'CLOSE' job involves locking up the pool, Red Barn, and the storage area.  Additionally we check the bathrooms for cleanliness at the Red Barn, the pool, plus the two restroom/shower facilities, and finally check to be sure the office is properly locked, as well as the sheds, and supply room.  It usually takes about 15 minutes to do so.  Sunday evening through Thursday evening we do the 'CLOSE' at 8 pm, and on Friday and Saturday nights at 9:30 pm.  For doing the 'CLOSE' we get paid for another 30 minutes even though it only takes 15.....nice.  I'm sure as the summer season gets into full swing it will take longer, and we will probably be in the position as asking people to vacate the Red Barn and pool/playground areas at closing time.  Right now things are pretty quiet as one might expect.

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