Friday, May 10, 2019

Keep your eye on the ball!

10:42 am - Friday - May 10th - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - 56 degrees F, 20% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the southwest.....heavy marine layer and a little rain today with a forecast high of 64 degrees F.......just returned from my cataract surgery.  All went just fine.....can already see with my new right eye lens.....get the patch off at 12:45 pm!

Our plan was to leave 'home' around 11 am Thurday to make the 104 mile drive up to Upland, CA and the Pacific Eye Institute where I would have my eyes 'measured' to be sure they implanted the correct lens on Friday.  After a brief stop in Temecula to fill our gas tank (9+ gallons at $4.44/gallon.....California gas prices are outrageous!) we arrived at PEI just before 1:30 pm (my appointment was for 2 pm).  I had barely signed in when my name was called......that was fast!  I didn't even have time to get impatient....😁

We were out the door and on our way to my son's office before 2!  We talked with Chris, Rochelle, Cynthia and their long time friend Phillip (we really like Phillip!) for about 40 minutes before heading off to COSTCO to pick up a few things, and then up to Trader Joe's for a few more things.

Our Jello plan was to get a late lunch at a chinese place next to Trader Joe's, but TLE noticed a place on the far end of the shopping plaza called September's Taproom and Eatery which got a rating of 4 stars from Yelp, so we made a 'game time decision' to eat there, and what a good decision that was......thank you Mr. Jello!

We both ordered a pint of their Alosta Brewing Company Mrs. Adams Oatmeal Stout, plus a couple of happy hour apps.....Potato Skins and a plate of Bang, Bang Chicken (chicken nuggets) to chase the brews......yummy......

.......we arrived at September's just before 4 pm, and by 5 pm were on our way to our son Chris' home where we will spend the next two nights!

In most newer tract homes nowadays the master bedroom is an ensuite (bedroom and bathroom combined), but Chris and Rochelle's has two ensuites, which includes the typical master ensuite, and then a guest room ensuite.  We almost feel like we are staying in a hotel when we visit them overnight.  Plus just off the kitchen is a full on coffee bar....doesn't get much better than that!

We were in bed by 10 pm in anticipation of arising at 5 am Friday in order to arrive at PEI by 7am......thanks for stopping by!

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