Friday, February 12, 2010

Rancho Jurupa day!

4:00pm - We're on vacation!

Arrived at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park around 12:30pm Dad used to say "if we can get there at 2pm, why not 1pm?".....I say why not 12:30pm? The check in time on the website is officially stated as 2pm, but you can always call and ask if you can arrive earlier, which I did, and was given the green light. By the time Elaine arrived I had camp all set up.....yep, I even remembered to light the water we don't have an automatic water heater....our coach is very low tech....nothing really automatic at all.

I hand cranked up the Winegard satellite dish.....remember.....l-o-w t-e-c-h!! Took me all of 5 minutes to gather in the DirecTv satellite signal, and am watching Fox Business as I compose this blog entry (America's Nightly Scoreboard).

The view looking south

The view looking east toward Mt. Rubidoux

The view looking north

Our site is 201....nice power pedestal, which includes cable TV!

Thick, lucious, green grass surrounds each site, and has been recently cut, and trimmed. Included in each site is a brand new fire ring, which we plan to use this evening. We have the sense of being miles from anywhere, and it is very quiet....not bad for only driving 15 miles from home! We'll do a walking tour tomorrow complete with pictures of all the amenities.

Life is good! Thank you for continuing to follow our adventures!


The Newell has an onboard air compressor that provides air for our air suspension, and air brakes. In the engine compartment there is a quick connect air chuck that I can plug into with an air hose to air up my tires. The problem I have had is that the system only provides 120 psi, and my tires need up to 110 psi...120 psi is not enough air pressure to get the psi in the tires past 100 psi. My friend, Tom McCloud, a fellow Newell owner, obtained an "air doubler". He paid around $300 to get one of these from the Newell Corporation, which is not a bad price. I was able to get the same one on Ebay for $200 including shipping.

The unit

Plugged into the quick connect.....the PSI reading is almost 200psi!

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  1. Man, we are close tonite. Teri and I are in Mira Loma.


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