Monday, February 8, 2010

Try, try again.....

Last weekend was a bust.....the soccer matches for both Saturday and Sunday were called on account of rain, and standing water on the fields. After driving home Saturday morning I spent the day cleaning up the hard drive on my home office PC, and adding an external hard drive to store pictures and music on....they both take up a lot of space. In my case they used up close to 13 gigabytes. The external hard drive is a Western Digital 55 gig, and it works quite well! Additionally, the CD burner on the PC had gone kaput a few months ago....I hadn't really worried about that as I have a good burner on my Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop, but since I had a rainy day with nothing else to do I decided to get that taken care of, too. Of course, the Hockwald way is to take 3 times as long to do anything as it should normally take.....the first burner I bought at Best Buy had the wrong connections for my older Dell PC, so a return trip to Best Buy was made, and the correct burner for my PC was acquired. I was able to hook it up, but couldn't get the computer to recognize it. Once I finally figured out I needed to change the new CD burner settings from a master to a slave (there is a read/write CD drive on the computer which is already registered as the master) the installation went well, and now I can burn music CD's, and DVD's again at home!

This coming weekend, February 12th to 15th, we are heading out again, but to Rancho Jurupa Regional Park this time (we reviewed this park back in December over the Christmas holiday weekend). The forecast is for sunny days all 4 days....yeah!!

I will post more this coming weekend on our experience at this Riverside County Regional Park!

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