Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tournament boondocking...

As I have mentioned previously, in addition to my "normal" job as an insurance broker, I am also a professional soccer referee. No, that doesn't mean you'll see me officiating a FIFA World Cup match anytime soon, but it does mean on any given weekend in Southern California you can find me at either an adult indoor soccer match, or at a youth outdoor soccer match. For a number of years I have observed numerous parents staying overnight at tournament sites in their RV's...saves a long round trip drive each day of the tournament. This year I decided I would do the same. Typically I drive around 30 miles to local soccer venues, do 3, or 4 matches, and then drive home, only to repeat the routine the next day. If I stay on site I can save a minimum of 60 miles, and 1 hour of driving each weekend, plus get out in the Newell more often.

This coming weekend (February 6 & 7) we will head, once again, down to Temecula, CA....about 48 miles one way. By staying on site overnight I will save almost 100 miles of driving and 12 gallons of fuel ($36), plus almost 2 hours of driving time, plus I will get to spend time with my wonderful wife, Elaine. In addition to that, since I am a referee, I do not have to pay any parking fees at the soccer complex. In addition to the free parking I will earn around $200 this weekend doing something I love.

John Blance Memorial Soccer Complex - our destination this weekend

The soccer complex is only a few minutes from Temecula Old Town, and the Temecula Wine Country. The RV parking area is just out of the above picture to the left. More pictures to follow this weekend.

In a couple of weekends we will be heading out to Lancaster for State Cup finals for the younger kids (ages 9-13). Next weekend, Presidents Day weekend we will be staying at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park, which we explored a few weeks ago, and wrote about.

Thank you for following our adventures!

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