Monday, June 18, 2012

Fish Lake Trail

Gorgeous day Saturday!

Beginning Saturday, June 16th, we have the house to ourselves for 2 weeks while my sister and her family are traveling hither and yon.  We decided to take our trikes over to the Fish Lake Trail which we had heard about through several sources.  It appeared, from our research to be around 10.3 miles in length, and since we would be doing an "out and back" ride it would total around 21 miles for the ride.

We arrived at the trail close to Noon, and were quickly on the trail......we took a break at about the 6 mile mark, thinking we still had 4+ miles to go.  As it turned out, the trail ended after just 7.65 miles.  There are plans to complete the trail all the way to Fish Lake, from which the trail derives its name, but right now it is not complete.

At the 6 mile mark

I shot a short video of our ride on the trail so you can get a flavor of what the trail is like.  The entire length of the trail we rode was nice asphalt.  There are places where pine tree roots have caused some ripples in the asphalt, but, overall, it is a nice riding trail.  Since this trail was built on an old railroad right of way the grade up to the lake never exceeds 3%, and in fact, much of the time it is under 2%.  You are treated to views of the Latah Valley from time to time, and there is a lot of shade along the sections having pine trees lining each side of the trail.  There are also several spots in the first few miles where there are benches where you can take a break and enjoy the view, or watch passing cyclists.  On Saturday the trail had a lot of bike traffic, which is good to see.

Since this was the U.S. Open Golf championship I spent part of the afternoon watching the hole by hole coverage.  

We are enjoying being alone again, with just each other for company.

On Sunday Elaine needed to go shopping for groceries for the next week, and I decided to take on a project I had been putting off since we arrived in Spokane.  I had left a 30amp electrical RV outlet for my brother-in-law the last time we visited in October of 2011 to have installed, at my expense, by an electrician, however, he never got to it.  I decided I could probably do it, so I went down to Lowe's and got some 10 gauge wire, and within about an hour had it wired up, and, after confirming with my "polarity checker device" that it was, indeed, wired correctly, I plugged in the coach. Now we have 30amps of power, and that means on cold days I can run two electric heaters, or on hot days both A/C's if need be......I don't anticipate the latter being necessary for the remainder of our stay, but there have been days, like today (Monday) that I wished I could run both is down in the mid 40's as I write......brrrr!

I finished my project just about the time the Lovely Elaine returned, and helped her take in some of the groceries, then cleaned up my mess, and got ready to watch the final round of the U.S. Open.  Elaine actually joined for me for the entire afternoon until after 7pm, when the tournament finally ended with Web Simpson, an unlikely victor, coming in first at +1 (one over par) for 72 holes.....that is a first for her, and she seemed to really enjoy watching.....WOW, you just never know.....LOL!

It was a nice quiet weekend......looks like today, Monday, will be a stay inside has been raining on and off, and the temperatures on in the mid 40's!

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