Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Whether, or not, I like Weather....

It's been a few days since I have posted a blog entry.  Not too much has been happening.  We have taken several bike rides, and hikes, and have just been enjoying the feel of  a city that feels more like National Forest than city.

Next to my computer is a brochure we were given at the Visitor's Center in downtown Spokane.  Just below the title "SPOKANE" are the words "NEAR NATURE. NEAR PERFECT".  That is a catchy motto, and I think it fits Spokane.  You are never far from Nature in Spokane, even in downtown.  The picture above was taken a couple of days ago on one of several bridges that span the Spokane River in the downtown area.  In the background are Spokane Falls, and at this time of year with the snow melt still filling the river to it's banks it is quite an example of Mother Nature at her most powerful.  You can feel the power of the millions of gallons of water tearing at the large rock formations along this stretch, and at the man made structures themselves.

On Saturday I picked up my mother, Virginia, and took her to lunch at the Rockwood Bakery over on 18th street about 1/2 block from Manito Park.  A little pricey, but I really like the ambiance, and the coffee was good, too!  It was great to just sit and talk about cabbages and kings for a couple of hours with my Mom.

On Sunday morning we rode our road bikes down to Riverfront Park, and down to the falls area before checking out the Visitor's Center.  At the Visitor's Center we got good advice (along with a downtown map) on a good bike route back to South Hill.  All in all we did about 17 miles of riding....a lot of uphill on the way back to South Hill, then later in the afternoon we took a hike on a trail that begins at the end of the block and winds about 3-4 miles through the forest.

Coffee and a pastry on the way back to South Hill at Rocket Market

On Monday we attended a year end event at St. Georges School, which our nieces attend, called May Term.  The high school kids choose an activity they will participate in from film making to dance to Public Service (volunteer work), and then gave a presentation at May Terms on their experience.  It was quite enjoyable. 

Later in the day my brother-in-law and I watched Tiger complete a rare come from behind victory in the Memorial Golf Tournament birdying 3 of the last 4 holes to win by 2 strokes. Whether, or not you like Tiger, no one can dispute that when he is competing at a high level it is good for the PGA.  After that we watched the Celtics win a cliffhanger in overtime against the Heat.  On top of that the L.A. Kings won game three of the Stanley Cup Finals over the N.J. Devils last night to go up 3-0 in a best 4 out of 7 series.  All in all a great three days of sports!

My brother-in-law has a great inventory of local bottled craft beer, and I have been doing my share of sampling it!

Dancing Trout Beer from Bayern!

Enjoying hanging out with family, and enjoying the outdoors! Thanks for stopping by!

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