Saturday, June 2, 2012

Settling in...AND 4 months on the road!

Friday was a delightful day of continuing to settle into our new digs for the next month.  In addition I spent time at the computer in the coach taking care of some insurance clients' fact I spent several hours doing that!  Probably the most time in one day I have spent on this odyssey "working".  I continued to empty the trailer of rolling stock.......the only bike still inside is my mountain bike, which will get moved today, after I take it for a ride.  I meant to ride it yesterday, but the insurance work kind of chewed up the time I had set aside to ride.  However, around 1pm my sister came out and suggested she, Elaine and I take a short bike ride.  Hilary, my sister, has a little 7 mile loop she does periodically, and it was a nice ride.....a little shorter than Elaine and I do, but it was fun to ride and chat, and see another part of "South Hill" where they live.  South Hill is on the southwest side of Spokane.

After we returned from our jaunt around the countryside I settled back in to the insurance work, and got most of it done.....I'll finish up Saturday.
After a short nap I tackled another job that I created the day we arrived.  As we were parking the coach in my sister's driveway the patio awning arm on the coach caught the corner of the rain gutter and tore it (not the awning, but the gutter).  The awning was unscathed, but the rain gutter needed some straightening and repair.  Apparently, I found out later, I was not the first to hit the gutter.  Anyway, a few rivets later the gutter is functional again, although a little worse for wear.  I added a little caulking to be sure it doesn't leak.

Later that evening we sat in the window seat area of their large dinning room enjoying the passing clouds, talking, and drinking a little wine while strains of Sinatra's "The Summer Wind" floated around us.  We retired to the dinner table a little later for some meatball soup, and more conversation.  I drifted down stairs eventually to see the end of the Celtic/Heat NBA playoff game....the Celtics won by 10 to pull within a game of the Heat...they are now down 1-2 in the best of seven series to determine who goes to the finals.  It's nice not having to anguish over the Lakers this time of year (again), but I really hope they get back to the finals next year.

I enjoyed the day, and am looking forward to a little more activity today (Saturday), although it is looking like rain most of the day.....maybe it's time for a long hike in the rain.....we did that last October when we were here, and I really enjoyed it.

As you will recall I used a new 'Droid Blogger application on part of the last blog entry as an experiment, and am still getting used to using it to update this blog.  It has potential, and I will give it another try in the next few days.

Well, that's it for now......I didn't take any pictures of me at the computer yesterday, which is where I spent most of the day, so you just get to read today, and use your imagination!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. - Just realized that Thursday, May 31st, marked the end of 4 months on the road!  WooHoo!!!!

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