Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spokane Interlude

8:25am -This morning I'm testing my new Android app for my phone to see how it works.  Here is a picture of our view from our bedroom at my sister's home....yes, we are staying in their guest suite for the month we are here.  This will give us a chance to do some deep cleaning, reorganize, and some minor repairs.

I'll write more later....

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11am - Got the bikes out of the trailer this morning, and my XM radio installed over the wall stereo in the trailer, AND got my mountain bike ready for some riding. Heading to downtown soon to see neice Stephanie dance in a flash mob. Well, I was planning on showing some pictures of the flash mob, but a arrived just after it was done...just took longer to get downtown than we expected.

9:25pm - After our aborted attempt to see the "flash mob" dance routine at the mall, I spent the rest of the day squaring away the trailer, removing most of the bikes, and working on my Intense 5.5  mountain bike.  I haven't ridden it since January 30th when I last rode with my mountain bike buddies.  It's ready to go, and I'll be taking it out on a local trail tomorrow morning.

 My view while watching the Spurs/Thunder game

Not much happened today other than getting clothes washed, the XM radio installed, and the trailer emptied out into my brother-in-law's garage.  We'll be doing a lot of riding in the next 5 weeks.  The weather forecast is good for the next 5 days!

How we are situated at my sister's home

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