Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moving day....

Kimmell House Inn

Every once and a while we need to change our view.  After all, it is why we love this lifestyle.  On the otherhand, I don't like goodbyes, especially saying goodbye to family.  We had a wonderful week at the Andrew's homestead in Chelsea, and we will miss my sister and her husband dearly.

Backing Up

As you will recall, we had to kind of shoe horn the coach into the parking spot at their home, and I was not looking forward to backing out.  So much so that I had several dreams Tuesday evening about backing out, or I should say "trying" to back out.  My sister decided she would take a video of me extricating my 62 feet from their driveway.  That video is just above this paragraph for your viewing enjoyment, or not.

Our destination for Wednesday was Kimmell, Indiana......why Kimmell, Indiana you ask?  Well, it is home to another Newell owner, Dean Stoops, and his wife Deb, who own a 1993 Newell.  A number of years ago they bought the old Kimmell mansion, built in 1876 out of red brick, and converted it to a beautiful Bed and Breakfast called, of course, The Kimmell House Inn.  A picture of the Inn is at the top of this post.  

The drive down to Kimmell along I-94 westbound to I-69 southbound to Indiana 6 westbound from Chelsea was uneventful and we arrived around 3pm at the Kimmell House Inn.

Breakfast with the Lovely Elaine

Dean treated us to a tour of his 1993 Newell, and later that evening the mansion, and all the work he and Deb have done to make this a wonderful Bed and Breakfast destination.  After the tour we sat around talking until almost 11pm.  They are very near the Lincoln Highway, Shipsewana (home to a famous flea market), and, of course, this is smack dab in the middle of Amish country.  Additionally there are a number of lakes in the area.

That was our Wednesay....we are moving west for the next 12 days at a 150 mile per day clip.  I need to get Elaine to Boise, ID by the 15th so she can drive the rest of the way to Cannon Beach, OR to her women's retreat.  

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  1. Well done, Clarke (& Elaine)! After seeing what you'd be maneuvering out of on our visit with you on Tuesday, we're thoroughly impressed.

    That said, Krash watched in awe and announced, "no way!" So, maybe we'll never be living that lifestyle, afterall. LOL!

    Karen & Krash

  2. Karen, I hope my video didn't completely scare off Krash from every operating a motorhome.....haha!


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