Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Into the 40's

Fresh snow from last night's rain on the local mountains

The wind blew most of the night, and, in fact, when we awoke, was still gusting.  It was cold enough that I knew I would need to preheat the engine with the block heater to start it when we left around 9am, so I turned on the big generator around 8am along with the block heater.

I had put away the limited amount of "stuff" we had taken out the 3 days we were in Craters of the Moon the night before, so we were ready to leave around 9am.  While the generator and block heater were still on I turned over the Detroit Diesel and it roared to life easily.  After that I turned off the generator, and Elaine rechecked the inside of the coach to be sure all drawers, cupboards, closet doors, etc. were closed and/or secured.  She then took her co-pilot seat and we drove out of the park on to US 93 northbound for new territory and new adventures.

Just north of MacKay, ID it began to rain.  I had applied the RAIN-X to the windshield, side windows, and side mirrors the day prior and it worked wonderfully.  I didn't even have to turn on the windshield wipers....the water just beaded up and fell from the window.  We bought the bottle of RAIN-X a month, or so ago, and I just kept forgetting to apply it.  When the rain stopped the windows dried without the normal water spotting.  In addition, the mirrors were much more useful with less water on them, and also dried with no water spots.

We gained elevation steadily from Arco, ID until we hit 7,160' in elevation then we descended gently into the town of Challis, ID, our destination for the day.  We arrived around Noon, and were quickly checked in by Frank, the owner of Challis Valley RV Resort.  Frank is a great guy with a lot of local knowledge about what to see and do in the area.  We are in a 100' long pull through site.

The weather in Challis has been very cold.....I don't think it has gotten out of the 40's on Tuesday, and today, Wednesday it is hovering around 45 degrees, and blustery.  It feels more like Fall, than late Spring, and just a few days from Memorial Day weekend.  It rained on and off most of Tuesday night, and has sprinkled several times today preventing us, along with the frigid temps, from getting on our bikes and add to that the forecast is for 50-60% chance of rain the rest of today.  It has turned out to be a nice day for reading and sipping hot tea.  I think we will just stay inside today and enjoy the view.

Right now Elaine is down at the laundry room doing a couple of loads of laundry...I'm waiting for her call to help carry the clean clothes back up the hill to our coach.

Stormy, blustery

We will be here until tomorrow, Thursday, and then head northward to Missoula, MT for a day, then on to Coeur d'Alene where we will spend the long weekend with college friends.  

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