Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Terry Bison Ranch

Our final night in North Platte was uneventful once we moved to get distance between us and an inconsiderate long haul trucker who decided, in spite of a large parking lot, to park right next to us and then start up his refer...haha!  The overnight temps dipped into the high 30's, but we were comfortable in our Newell where the temp got down to 60.  

Tuesday dawned crystal fact it was the sun streaming in the window next to my side of the bed that woke me up at 6:30am.  I got up and turned on the heaters.....that's one of my jobs in the morning, and then turned on the generator to make the coffee.  The house batteries were down to 80% after two nights of dry camping, and NBA playoff watching, but by the time I turned off the generator they were back up to 84%.  The Lovely Elaine woke up around 7am, and joined me for a hot cup of joe, and we discussed the day's travel plans.  Our goal for Tuesday was Cheyenne, a scant 211 miles away.  

We headed out about 9:30am and jumped on I-80 westbound....on this day we started out at 2,300' elevation, but would end up at 6,300' elevation.  Amazingly the grade was gradual as we approached the Continental Divide, and I was able to keep it in cruise control most of the time. One of the best things about this day was the cloudless sky, which meant the solar panels would be functioning at full capacity all day as we traveled.  By the end of the day when we parked at Terry Bison Ranch they were back to 95%!

Our first stop was at a rest stop about 100 miles west of North Platte, where we spent an hour taking a walk, and I did some work on my computer.  Then we stopped again just over the border at the Pine Bluff rest stop, which gave us access to 5 miles of hiking trails.  We promptly got dressed for hiking and set out on a 3.5 mile hike.....what a pleasant surprise to find a rest stop with hiking trails....this rest stop has now risen to the top of great Interstate rest stops.....just slightly ahead  of the one east of North Platte that I raved about a couple of days ago....haha!

Pine Bluff Rest Stop - Wyoming

We arrived in Cheyenne around 2pm and decided we would use our Passport America discount (50%) to stay one night at the Terry Bison Ranch just 9 miles south of Cheyenne on I-25.  What a great decision!  We checked in around 2:30pm, and were given a pull through site that was at least 70 feet long.  I was just asking Elaine when the last time was that we dropped the trailer, and we both agreed it was at our friend's home in Stuart Beach, FL back on April 2nd.  We will probably have to drop the trailer when we get to my brother's home south of Salt Lake City.

That evening we went to the onsite restaurant and both had Buffalo Burgers, and a couple of pints of Fat Tire Ale on tap...I'm still full from that giant Buffalo Burger!  

The Lovely Elaine with her Fat Tire Ale

The award winning Buffalo Burger

That was our Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by!

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