Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cheyenne part deux

After our enjoyable overnight stay at Terry Bison Ranch we drove back into Cheyenne and found a fuel station selling diesel for $3.75/gallon....that's the best since San Antonio, and filled up with 130 gallons....I actually got change back from $500.  We got to the station around 11:30am, and I think it took close to 30 minutes to pump 130 gallons of diesel....I had time to clean the front windshield, and all the bugs off the front of the coach, check the oil, dump the trash, and get a bottle of water.....and that only took 15 minutes!  By the time I finished it was lunch time...haha!

We have been Escapees (SKP's) for a couple of years, and also subscribe to the "Days End" book that gives free camping spots all over the US.  We noticed that in Cheyenne was the headquarters of "Sierra Trading Post", and online sportswear store I have been using for years. They also have an outlet store and their Fulfillment center on site.  They allow overnight parking for RV's, so we headed over there after fueling up to check it out.   Their lot is enormous, and actually has a nice view.  Well, free is right down our alley, so we found a spot and leveled the coach.  After eating lunch we walked over to the outlet store so Elaine could shop for some walking shoes.

Not only is this an outlet store, but upstairs they have a "2nds" department, and further back they have a "3rds" department.  From what I saw in the "3rds" room, everything belonged there.  I can see why it didn't sell.  At any rate, Elaine did manage to find some shoes she really liked for $70 (that was the discounted price), but they are nice.

We went back to the coach where I took a nap.....pumping gas can wear you out!  After my nap I suggested we get the bikes out and take a ride to the local Starbucks for some Frappuccinos...of course she said yes, and we were off!  The ride was about 8 miles round trip, and the perfect way to end the day.

Elaine made some scrambled eggs for dinner....I wasn't too hungry so that was a perfect light dinner.  We finished the evening reading, and went to bed around 11pm......for some reason we both forgot that American Idol was on last night.  I know, I're wondering why we watch it.....we just like good singing, and who doesn't like Steven Tyler?

That was our exciting, jam packed Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by!

Sundown at Sierra Trading Post

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