Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doing some serious bike riding

Let's put some miles on that tandem!

I am really getting into these cloudless, low humidity days in Utah.....those of our "Nomad" friends who are still in the deep south have my sincere (well, mostly sincere) condolences.  The other thing I am getting used to here in Utah is the abundance of bike paths, and bike lanes.  Monday Elaine and I got out the Cannondale, tandem and around 10am rode south on the Jordan River Bikeway.  This is a nice bike path that follows the Jordan River, which is a real flowing river, which flows north toward the Great Salt Lake.  The portion we rode extends about 10 miles south and was mostly uphill.  There are still some gaps in the trail, but eventually you will be able to ride all the way south to Utah Lake.

On our way back, with the wind at our backs, and going downhill, we stopped off at Beans and Brews, a local coffee house chain, and got, what else, some frappuccinos.....we're beginning to call it the "Frappy Hour".  It was beginning to heat up by the time we got there so it was a nice break, even though we were only 2 miles from the coach.

At the furthest point south.....you can see Kennecott Copper Mine in the background

After a short nap we headed into my brother's home for dinner......he grilled some steaks, and Elaine provided the grilled asparagus....yummy.  We enjoyed a bottle of Pinot Noir with dinner, and great conversation.

Tuesday (today) was supposed to get up to 88 degrees (and it did), and we wanted to ride the same bike path we rode Monday north into downtown Salt Lake City.  It appeared to be around 15 miles each way on the Google map, but it wasn't.  At any rate, on Tuesday morning I got up and washed the trailer (still have to wash the coach) before it got warm, and then Elaine and I took off around 9:30am heading north (downhill with the wind) up to the city.  The bike path was  great all the way, however, they could put a few more signs to tell you which way to turn.  I say this, because we took a "few" wrong turns going and coming due to the lack of signage.

We arrived in downtown Salt Lake around 11:30am after 21 miles, and headed for Squatter's Pub and Beers for lunch.  We really enjoyed their food on Sunday when we had an early dinner there.  I didn't eat breakfast (still full from dinner the night before), so I was famished.  We sat out on the back patio drinking lots of water, and, for me, eating Fish and Chips.  I was tempted to have a draft beer, but I listened, for a change, to the little voice in my head warning me against such foolishness.

Around 1pm we started our ride home.....uphill, and into the wind.  It was starting to get warm when we hit the half way mark home.  Below is a picture of the Lovely Elaine taking a break....it's not as bad as it looks there, but it did get worse later as it got hotter.  Fortunately we had taken 6 water bottles with us so water was not an issue.  We arrive home around 3pm having ridden 42 miles!  Wow, since we have gotten to Utah we have put 75 miles on our bikes.....good for us!

Thankfully, Elaine is very forgiving......lol!

Elaine is off shopping with my sister-in-law....mostly because she (my sister-in-law) wanted to take a ride in Elaine's Thunderbird....who can blame her.  My brother says she has been wanting one, too, for several years.  Well, I guess the pressure will be increasing now.....haha!

That's it for our day, and now you are up to date.  Thanks for stopping by!

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