Thursday, August 27, 2015

TVC - Day 109 - T minus 1 and holding

Wednesday, our last day on the job at TVC, started out pretty much the same as the past few days......very quiet.....very few people in the office/store....very few people in the campground......and it remained so the entire day.  As I rode around the park in my golf cart I began to feel the bittersweet feeling I always feel when it's time to roll our wheels, but not with the same intensity.......we have been here 109 days now and that is a long time for us to be in one spot.  Knowing it will be just a scant 8+ months until we all reconvene here at TVC for another summer adventure makes it a little easier to say our 'until next times', and before we do TLE and I will have become grand parents for the 5th time.

I made my rounds pretty quickly and then set in to 'deep cleaning' some more sites in 'F' section, and then late morning I decided to drive along the Melba Drive fence line one more time to see how my fence repairs were doing......all of them except one were still intact.....someone had cut the fence again out in the group area, so I got my gear together for one last repair and hope this time the fence cutter will be discouraged by my reinforcement of that area.......hmmmm......probably not.....we'll see next summer.

I was off work by 1430 hours and TLE followed an hour she walked up to the coach I asked her how it felt to be retired once again......we both smiled, and hugged and went inside.  I put away a few more things and then took a nap.  Our staff friends, Mike and Carol asked to join us for one more fish taco dinner at Classic Cue, and we agreed to meet them there at 1800 hours.......we like to walk, they don't.    We spent about 2 hours talking and eating and getting to know each other better.  Mike and Carol have done a lot of traveling outside the USA and we talked a lot about their trip to Nepal about 17 years ago.....very interesting stuff!

As we were walking back into the park we remembered there was a movie in the tent, and since we had not been to one movie in the tent this year we decided to stop in......they were playing 'The Thomas Crown Affair' (Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway) from, that brought back memories.  That was one of the first movies TLE and I went to see together during the summer of 1968.

The movie was over by 2200 hours, and we were home a few minutes later........a nice finish to our sojourn here at TVC!

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  1. Sure have enjoyed another year in SLT! Enjoy Oregon, have a safe trip.

    1. Thank you Dave.....we will do everything in our power to have a save, uneventful trip!


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