Tuesday, July 25, 2017



6:25 am - Tuesday - 52º F, humidity 69%, wind 3 mph out of the west.....heavy cloud cover with a 50% chance of rain.

Ahhhhhh.....Monday.....our 'Friday'.....how I love thee!  We are about 5.5 weeks into our YNP* stint.....it seems as if we have been here all summer.  The disappointments of April and May are fading into the fuzzy background, and we are happy......in fact, we are happy to be happy!

Whenever we have the 'MID' shift we have to tighten up our morning routine as we have to be out the door and on our way up to Mammoth Hot Springs by 10:30 am, instead of 1 pm.  I was taking a short nap prior to work when I woke up suddenly realizing I had 15 minutes to take a shower, shave, and get dressed for work.  I managed to get all that done and was sitting in the VW about 10:29 am ready to motivate up the hill.

We walked into the General Store to a quiet atmosphere, which is the way we like it.  Kind of nice to ease into the day slowly when you know it will be busy eventually, and busy it did become.  From 12 pm until we went to 'lunch' at 3 pm the queue was never empty.  We had 6 people on duty when the crowds came and with that many people were able to process the customers quickly and efficiently.  I did pull my cash drawer to begin the shift and spent about 2 hours out of my 7.5 hours working the register, but was just as happy to be scooping ice cream and supporting my 'Fountain' team.

One of the good things about working the 'MID' shift is getting off at 7 pm, instead of 9:30....it is still daylight at 7:00 pm and sundown is about 8:58 pm here in Gardiner, so there is still plenty of time to sit outside after work.  We arrived home around 7:30 pm after making a quick stop at the Gardiner Market to pick up a few necessities, changed clothes and were sitting outside enjoying the early evening air, sipping cocktails, and for puffing on a cigar.........

 At the Gardiner Market....."Hey.....you're supposed to look happy Clarke!"

......we know from the 'weather guessers' that we have a high percentage chance of rain Tuesday, and the evidence of that forecast was the cloud cover approaching from the northwest.....

 Here comes the rain!

......enjoying our front yard for a change......and just being happy.....

....well, it's time to get dressed in our hiking gear!  It's Tuesday and time for some more YNP exploration!  Thanks for stopping by!

*YNP = Yellowstone National Park

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  1. That smiling face looks good, you need to take that to work too. Nice to hear that you are happy. its a good way to be.