Friday, July 21, 2017

Slow movers......


7:31 am - Friday - 52º F, humidity 67%, wind 2 mph out of the east northeast........clear blue sky (a rarity here in Gardiner, MT)!

So, Thursday was our 'MID' shift day, and is really the beginning of our work week now that we have transitioned to our new schedule. We will have a 'MID' shift on Thursdays and Monday's with three 'CLOSE' shifts sandwiched in between.  We were fine with 5 'CLOSE' shifts in a row, but now that we are on our second go around on our new schedule we kind of like getting off early (7 pm) on our first day back to work each week, and on our 'Friday' (Monday) each week.

I spent time Thursday morning watching both the British Open (golf) and the Tour de France.....Le Tour is winding down now and just has a few stages this coming Monday the British Open will be finished, and Le Tour will have one more stage, and then it will be back to normal.  I will miss waking up to Le Tour each morning.

We were off to work by 10:30 am, and parking in the employee lot by 10:50 am.....we got behind some 'slow movers', but that is why we leave 30 minutes before work.  Even when it is a slow drive we still have 10 minutes before we punch the clock.

Thursday was another slowish day, for which I am grateful.  We heard that Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy busy......I was sorry for my co-workers, but not sorry we missed all the fun.....:-)

There were a few times Thursday when the 'Fountain' queue was full, but it emptied within a few minutes as we processed the customers and their orders.  I spent most of my 'MID' shift as cashier.  I have to say, now that I've been getting regular exposure to the cash register is it becoming second nature to me.  The first few times I was cashier I was always looking forward to someone else taking over within a few minutes, but now the time goes quickly and I feel quite comfortable the entire time.

It was overcast for most of our shift so the temperatures stayed very comfortable in the 'Fountain' area, however, most customers standing in line for any period of time notice how much warmer it is in our corner of the General Store, so it is not just our collective imagination.

Thursday was also the beginning of the annual four day 'Employee 50% discount', so I purchased the Nikon Aculon A211 binoculars I have been lusting after for the past few weeks.  We have never owned a decent pair of binoculars, so being able to get these beauties at 50% off  is quite a coup!

 Nikon Aculon A211 binoculars!

We were off work and stepping into the Beetle by 7 pm, and home by 7:20.....again we got behind a few 'slow movers'.  The speed limit in the Gardiner River Gorge is 35 mph.  Most drivers do drive at least 35-40 mph, but periodically we get behind guys going 20-25 for the entire 5 miles to Mammoth Hot Springs.  There are zero passing opportunities on this section of US-89 so one has to just suck it up,I guess, and enjoy the drive......I wish I could......:-)

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  1. It is nice to get done early a couple on nights a week, and still have your days off.