Sunday, December 17, 2017

Desert View - Day 37 - We're flippin' and floppin'........

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5:40 am - Sunday - December 17th - Grand Canyon - 25º F, 34% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the southwest......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 44º F.

The weather forecast for the next 14 days has taken a noticeable dive towards winter......still no snow in the forecast, but a lot of single digit lows looming out there, the first as early as this coming Thursday when the forecast high of 29º F looks more like a 'low'.  Right now I'm rocking three electric heaters inside the coach, and one in the water bay.  We have only had our water freeze once so far, and that was at 9 am one morning about 10 days ago.  It's not the heated water hose that is freezing but probably the point where it connects to the coach, or to the hose bib...... daughter, Sharon, sent me a text yesterday asking how we were handling the cold.  Well, so far we are handling it just fine, but frankly it's not really that cold right now compared to what it will eventually be here at 7,400' elevation......we have no illusions about that.  We spent the month prior to our arrival here at Desert View updating our winter wardrobes, and we both feel pretty confident we are set in that regard.

Our work schedule has settled into sort of a 'flip-flop' situation......Friday through Tuesday we individually alternate between the 'open' shift and the 'close' shift.  For instance, Saturday I had the 'close' shift meaning I left for work about 11:45 am and came home around 5:30 pm.  Sunday I will have the open shift meaning I will leave for work at 7:15 am and get off work around 12:30-1 pm.  When I have the open shift one day it means I don't have to be back at work until 12 pm the next day, almost 24 hours after I get off work from my 'open' shift.....kind of nice.  However, the flip-flop of that is on the days I have the 'close' shift I only have about 14 hours until my next shift.  It's a bit of an adjustment from day to day, but we are both getting used to our new flip-flop routine.  

Just flippin' and floppin'

Saturday was, comparatively, busy day.  From the moment I counted in my cash drawer until I counted it back out I stayed busy.  My cash deposit was over $500......TLE deposited about $70 from her morning shift, so it's obvious to moi that the cold kept people from doing their tourist thing until the afternoon when it was slightly warmer.  It was very cold outside all day long, and we sold a lot of coffee and hot tea.  I sold a lot of mittens, gloves, watch caps, and hooded sweatshirts.  It remained cloudy most of the day with the sun making brief appearances about once an hour only to become quickly shrouded in cloud cover once again.

I arrived home around 5:40 pm after a brisk walk home through the woods....I managed to spook several mule deer on my way, or maybe I should say the spooked it is they blend into their surroundings quite well in broad daylight, but at dusk they are almost invisible until they decide to bolt, which is always startling to me.

Life is's all about being flexible, and being able.....let me change that from 'being able' to 'being willing' to adapt.  We are born with the capacity to adapt, otherwise we would not have survived the birthing process, right?   As we get older we find ourselves resisting change, and therefore resisting our innate instinct to adapt.  Life is much more enjoyable when you are willing to adapt to changing circumstances.  We try to never lose sight of the fact we get to live a wonderful nomadic lifestyle, which by its very nature requires flexibility and adaptation.  We never seem to have time to get 'set in our ways' as can be the tendency as one ages.  Just about the time we get comfortable in one situation it is time to move on to a new adventure.  I was just thinking last night that we have been here at the Grand Canyon for just shy of 40 about 2.5 months we will be rolling our wheels once again in search of new adventure, however, right now I am content to be where I am......flippin' and floppin' my way through each week.

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When you shop Amazon, please use our link (below) to access their website.......we will appreciate every purchase you make using our Amazon Affiliate link, and  remember, using our link will not add one penny to your purchase, plus we will receive a small commission.


  1. Hello my friend, Hope you and TLE are well. We miss you two! Geni and I are finally getting settled in Parker. A little warmer down here! Let us know when you go to Kingman again we would love to hook up for lunch!

    1. Hello Roscoe! It's actually Flagstaff we drive to about once a's about 75-80 miles for us, but I think it is much farther for you......about 245 miles. We would love to see both of you. Any plans to come up to the Grand Canyon?

  2. Nice that you can handle that cold weather not for us.
    Those flip flop shifts are actually not bad when you get used t them I did that for 13 years in the 60's and 70's as a ticket agent at the bus terminal. That close and open shift were quick turnarounds but we did get at least 8 hour off in between.


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