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Monday, June 6, 2016

Baby, baby, baby!

So nice to sleep in past 5:30 am on our first day off in 8 days!  For those who may not have read about our decision to change our days off, the 8 days in a row were our choice.....the changing of our days off were our idea and choice......they were not imposed by management.   

We sat outside sipping coffee with Claude until after 10 am, then it was time to get busy with our day off chores.....TLE went and did some grocery shopping, and ran a couple loads of clothes through the Splendide whilst Claude and I headed first to a local thrift store where Claude purchased a few things he could not live without, then over to a local bicycle shop where I bought 8 feet of cable housing for an antique bike I'm restoring mechanically for a friend, then over to DIY (Do It Yourself) to buy 2 more wasp/bee/yellow jacket traps to add the one we already have.....they are out in force this year!

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the Hercules women's bicycle.....this bike had been abandoned a couple of years ago and had been sitting down in the maintenance yard since then.  My friend saw it and wondered it I could get it working again for her so I brought it back to our site a week, or so ago.  The most obvious problem with the bike was that the hand brakes did not work.....the cables and cable housing were all rusted and non-functional, hence the purchase of the cable housing....I already had the brake cables which I had salvaged from other abandoned bikes in the past.  With Claude's assistance I got the new cable housing and cables installed and the brakes worked well.  This Hercules bicycle has what is known as a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed rear hub, and when I went to reattach the cable used to shift through the 3 speeds I discovered the reason why the bike had been abandoned.....the rear axle was broken inside the Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub.  Fortunately, parts for these hubs are still available so I will be able to order a replacement axle....I hope!

Snapped a picture of the bicycle rack we moved to the spot in front of the store.......the experiment is working.....folks are parking their bikes there instead all around the front door.....

.......TLE brought home 3 filets which I grilled about 6 pm, and we had a wonderful dinner outside enjoying a fire until after 9 pm before settling in for the night......about 1 am we began getting texts from our daughter Kate that she had gone to the hospital to deliver her baby, our 6th grand child, Jolene Rose.......the baby came quickly and was welcomed into the world around 2:17 am.......

......man, our kids make beautiful babies!  Welcome to the family Jolene Rose!

Thanks for stopping by!

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