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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Outdoor living.....

Slept in until after 7 am Monday......one could already feel the warmth in the air preceding the predicted high of 82.  I really had nothing big planned for the day, but did have a repair job to do on my portable macerator pump setup.......back when we were still in Riverside in my daughter's backyard my portable, no name macerator pump failed.  I had only bought it, brand new, for $79 a year before.  Well, so much for saving a few bucks.......I ordered a new one on eBay a week, or so ago and went for the brand name this time, Shurflo, spending $120.  I spent a couple of hours wiring it up, then testing it, and all went well.

I sat outside for a couple of hours reading and napping as it was a little cooler than inside, although it was not really uncomfortable inside where TLE spent most of her day avoiding the pollen which is beginning to rain from the pine trees once again. 

Around 4 pm we drove over to the El Dorado Beach area to MacDuff's Public House for dinner.  It's off US-50 a couple of blocks and we had never noticed it until we visited the Tru-Value Hardware store across the street a week ago.  It looked very inviting with a wonderful alfresco dining area......our kind of place.....plus Yelp gives them 4.5 stars on 1,195 reviews......

Enormous patio

 Enormous portions....two giant beer battered fish filets

Good to have TLE across the table smiling at me

.....whenever I see 'Fish 'n Chips' on a menu I have to order it, and I did.....we received our entrees within 10 minutes of ordering and I have to say my 'Fish 'n Chips' had two of the largest beer battered filets I have ever had......one would have been more than ample!  The early evening temps were just delightful and perfect for sitting outside for an hour, or so enjoying good draft beer and good food.   We can see why they get a 4.5 rating from Yelp.

We were back home before 6 enjoying the last few hours of our day off before our work week begins once again Tuesday......thanks for stopping by!


  1. Food looks great! Thanks for the post!

  2. That fish dinner looks wonderful and of course the beer too.
    Nice to have TLE back home again.