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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pictorially speaking.......

Saturday was kind of slow so I thought I would give you a pictorial review of some of the things we have been doing here at TVC to 'maker her pretty again'.  Alex, one of our maintenance guys, contacted several local tree services asking for their 'wood chips'......these guys are always trying to get rid of wood chips, and it doesn't cost us a thing.  He and his brother Corey have been spreading the wood chips around the various dumpsters in the park........

 Dumpsters by the dump station   

Entrance to the Group Area

 Entrance to the outside loop in Section E

 Around the tent

Along the entrance road

.......we are growing grass in places it hasn't grown in years.......this is the large grassy area next to the horseshoe pits......we actually mowed the grass the other day.......

......with all the felled trees we have been able to take some of the larger ones and line the road into sections E and A and keep people from taking short cuts on their bikes......plus it just looks nicer, don't you think?.....

......this used to be a nondescript island of dirt.....now it has a rock border, wood chips and grass.....well, the grass is beginning to grow.....we just need a little more warm weather.....

.....we are getting a lot of compliments on the appearance of TVC from long time customers.....she is beginning to look pretty again!

Since it was a little slow I spent some time trying to get our customers to stop at our stop signs, and to observe the 5 mph speed limit within TVC.  I noticed that people were stopping consistently at the one STOP SIGN where I painted a new limit line in yellow, so I think this week I'll do the same for the other two.....the yellow seems to stand out much more, especially in the shady areas around the stop signs.

The temperatures began to drop mid afternoon, and by the time we clocked out for the end of our 5 day work week it was into the high 50's......we did get rain briefly for about 10 minutes.

As is our custom at the end of another work week we treated ourselves to dinner out.....we went back to Sidellis Lake Tahoe for some more of their amazing brews.  We both chose their 11 oz. Jug Dealer Rum Barrel Imperial Stout....WOW!  They do not serve this by the pint as it is 9.8% ABV......what a great sipping stout!

We spent the evening reading......kind of winding down from the work week.  I think we'll get the Cannondale tandem out Sunday and put some miles on her.....of course there must be a good breakfast somewhere along teh ride, and there will be a visit to the South Lake Tahoe Flea Market thrown in for good measure!

Thanks for stopping by!

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