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Monday, June 20, 2016

Bachelor man - Day #5 - Father's Day

With the exception of TLE being missing physically from this Father's Day this Father's Day was one of my favorite of all time.  I woke up watching the U.S. Golf Association's U.S. Open......I watched/listened to it while typing the blog, watched/listened to it while putting the Sturmey-Archer  hub back together for the Hercules women's bicycle, and watched it while reclining in my outdoor lounge chair all afternoon......what did I do in between?

 The Hercules is operable again!

After finishing the Hercules I put on my bike clothes and took a 16 mile ride out Lake Tahoe Blvd., down Sawmill to US-50, out to the end of the bike path in Myers........

 The path along Sawmill

 The path along US-50

........and back to the South Lake Tahoe Flea Market..........

SLT Flea Market

......where I found a few things I apparently could not live without......

Hammer - $1, phillips head - $1, vice grips - $4, nail set - $1......SCORE!

......then it was off to Alpina Coffee Cafe for a very late breakfast......it is Father's Day after all, so it's okay to have breakfast for lunch, right?

Alpina Coffee Cafe

......as I alluded to earlier, I spent the afternoon ensconced firmly in my outdoor lounger watching the U.S. Open on the outdoor TV.......it was great to see Dustin Johnson finally win his first golf Major!

Shortly after the end of the U.S. Open I switched the channel over to ABC to watch game 7 of the NBA finals.  It has been a very strange series with the first 6 games all being blowouts by the winning team.  At one point the Cavaliers looked finished when they went down 3 games to 1.....no team in NBA history has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the finals.....BUT.....there is a first time for everything, and the Cavaliers ultimately prevailed 93-89 in a very, very, very closely fought game.  It was like watching a 'Rocky' movie with every punch being answered with a counter punch.  Both teams kept punching until there was no time left......

......TLE arrived home from her 5 day sabbatical about 6:30 pm after an uneventful flight home, and a brief shopping foray to T.J.'s and Costco.  TLE, I apologize for all the yelling and screaming during the game!

My tenure as Bachelor man comes to an end after 5 days, and life has returned to normal.....thanks for stopping by!

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