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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Basic training.....

Ahhhhh.....at last, the eighth and final work day in a row.  Saturday we only had about 126 sites occupied so it was quiet.  We put on our first pancake breakfast of the season and fed about 40 people.  The weather was perfect.....somewhere in the low 80's for the high.....no wind and no clouds.

Saturday was also the day I was scheduled to teach my first 'basic bicycle maintenance' class, so after making my rounds I spent some time moving my bike stand and tools over to the tent for my class.  I also took a number of bike parts (derailleurs, cranksets, etc.) over for demonstration purposes.  The whole focus of my class was teaching basic skills to fix your bike out on the road so you don't have to push it home with a flat tire, or broken chain.  I had 6 people sign up for my class....a perfect teaching size....and they were quite appreciative.  I introduced them to a 'multi tool' which has every tool you need to repair a bike on the road, plus tire levers and an inner tube patch kit......

Tire levers, patch kit and multi tool (foreground)

......the two most common forms of breakdown are 1) flat tire and 2) broken chain......without either you are walking a long way home pushing your bike, but with these three simple tools you can repair you bike in short order and finish your ride.  The class lasted about an hour followed by a brief question and answer session I spent about an hour repairing three bikes brought in by customers.....simple repairs....I trued a rear wheel on one, and a front wheel on another, and lubricated a freewheel on a third.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing my final rounds, then carrying my bike stuff back to the trailer before clocking out a little after 4 pm.  About 5 pm TLE, Claude and I walked over to Lake Tahoe Pizza for dinner......we ordered a large Jackpot pizza with anchovies, and a pitcher of Pacifico draft.  We spent two hours unwinding from our 8 day work stint, laughing and talking a lot......a great way to end the week!

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