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Thursday, June 9, 2016

What you see is what you get.......

Wednesday was a very quiet day in the park.....it was a day for working on small projects that get put off when things are busier.  Since I could only work 6.5 hours before I hit my two week 80 hour limit I knew I would be off by 2:30 and planned my activities accordingly.  Morning rounds didn't take long as there are fewer than 100 sites occupied, and there were no issues requiring my attention, or intervention......well, I take that back...there was the guy who moved the indoor/outdoor carpet one of our long term customers leaves in his spot each Fall and moved it to his site.  Apparently the fellow thought it had been abandoned, and I'll give him that, nevertheless, he graciously moved it back to the site where our long term customer will arriving shortly.

There were several arrivals who needed assistance getting into their sites, and there were a couple arrivals who upon their arrival were not happy with their assigned site and spent literally and hour or two going around the park looking at alternate sites before finally finding one they liked.  In one case the fellow thought he couldn't get into the assigned site as it was 'too tight'....the site he ultimately chose was even shorter and narrower, so what do you say?  Nothing.....you just smile and go on about your business......:-)

In the office we took delivery on two new computers, and some new phones so TLE and the ladies are happy, and we'll now be properly equipped when the 4th of July onslaught begins in a couple of weeks.

As predicted, I was off work by 2:30 and home taking a much needed nap by 3.  TLE followed 30 minutes later and we settled in for the evening.  Claude, who has been visiting us for the last week brought home an ahi tuna steak and a top sirloin steak which I grilled, and TLE provided asparagus and broccoli for the side.  I had the outdoor TV set up so we could watch the Warriors at the Cavaliers NBA finals game, which was won handily by the Cavaliers, 120-90.....'they' always say the finals don't begin until the home team loses a game....so far each team has won their home games.

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